Facility Access and Memberships

Membership Matrices, Academic Year and Summer

TFH Summer Facility Access

TFH Facility Access, Daily Fees and Memberships (Academic Year)

Membership Information

The Sallie Tiernan Field House was primarily built for student use, but it also serves as host to many members of the Claremont Consortium and Scripps College community. Scripps College students, faculty, and staff have year-round access to the Tiernan Field House. Membership privileges are also extended to various members of the consortium as defined below and depicted in the Membership Matrix.

Please note that for membership purposes, the academic year begins on the first day that the residence halls are open to returning students and concludes when the residence halls close in May. Academic-year and summer memberships are available to certain constituents.

An annual membership includes the academic year plus summer.

Student Members

All Scripps, Harvey Mudd (HMC), and Claremont McKenna (CMC) students may use the field house facilities, pool, and field during the academic year and summer. Students are asked to bring a valid 5C identification card for admittance.

Faculty and Staff Members

All faculty and staff of Scripps College and the W.M. Keck Science Department (JSD), HMC, CMC, and Claremont University Consortium (CUC) may use the field house facilities, pool, and Scripps field during the academic year. Scripps College faculty and staff are automatically granted summer access. HMC, CMC, and CUC faculty and staff are eligible to purchase summer memberships. All must bring a valid 5C identification card for admittance.

Semester/Academic Year Memberships

The fall and spring semester start dates are dictated by Scripps College. For membership purposes, the semester begins on first day that residence halls are open and concludes when residence halls close.

Annual Membership

Annual membership is based on the academic calendar year and includes summer privileges.

Household Memberships

All Scripps, W.M. Keck Science Department, HMC, and CMC household members may use the field house facilities, pool, and Alumnae Field during the academic year (subject to other rules). Household members must be 16 years of age or older to use the field house facilities and 10 years of age or older to use the pool during the academic year. If the household member is between 10 and 17 years old, he/she must be accompanied by a responsible adult 18 years or older at all times during the visit.

Daily Use Pass

Claremont Graduate University (CGU), Keck Graduate Institute (KGI), Pomona, and Pitzer students, faculty, staff, and their household members may purchase a daily use pass after presenting a valid identification card.

One-Day Guest Pass

See Guest Policies in the Membership Matrix.

Alumnae Membership

Scripps College alumnae are eligible to purchase a membership and are asked to present a picture identification and alumnae verification from the Alumnae Office at the time of enrollment.

Alumnae visiting the college may secure a free guest pass from the Alumnae Relations Office for use during the time they are on campus. Alumnae are also eligible to purchase a one-day pass for their guest

Scripps College Prospective Student Guest Pass

Prospective students are welcome to use the field house facilities as a guest of their student host. In the event that a prospective student host’s is not available, a guest pass may be obtained from the Office of Admission and should be presented upon entering the field house.

Online Membership Application

Complete the Tiernan Field House Membership Application and bring it to the Tiernan Field House with valid 5C or picture identification. Prospective members who do not have 5C identification will receive a TFH identification ($10.00/card) to be used each visit.

Tiernan Field House Membership, Daily Use, and Guest Prices

The membership and guest rates and policies govern the use of the Tiernan Field House. These policies were created by the Tiernan Field House Committee, consisting of students, faculty, and staff. Priority use of the facility is for currently enrolled students and employees of Scripps College.

Scripps College Membership and Guest Rates

Includes W.M. Keck Science Department and Denison Library.

Membership Notes

Membership permits users to the use of Tiernan Field House and Scripps pool.
Memberships are not transferable, refundable, or prorated. The College reserves the right to exclude, either temporarily or permanently, any user who fails to comport her/himself in an appropriate manner and/or comply with the requests of the staff or college officials. The College reserves the right to adjust or change policies, procedures, and/or fees at any time.

Member-Sponsored Guest Passes

Scripps faculty, staff, and emeriti and W.M. Keck Science Department and Denison Library members may sponsor (1) free guest per visit. Additional guests will be $5.00 per visit. Harvey Mudd and Claremont McKenna students, faculty, staff, and emeriti and Claremont University Consortium employees may purchase one (1) guest pass at $10.00 per visit.

A guest pass provides access to the Tiernan Field House and pool facilities as follows:

  • The member must accompany their guest at time of guest pass purchase.
  • Guests must sign the guest waiver to enter.
  • Guests must enter and exit the facilities with their sponsor.
  • Guests must follow established facility policies and guidelines.
  • In sponsoring a guest, the member assumes responsibility for the actions of their guest. The Tiernan Field House staff reserves the right to refuse admittance or sale of passes and to revoke guest pass privileges when necessary.
  • No refunds.
  • Passes may not be solicited.

To Purchase a Membership

Membership and one-day guest passes may be purchased at the Tiernan Field House. The Tiernan Field House accepts cash, checks, and Claremont cash.

Member Rights and Responsibilities

TFH is committed to offering a welcoming environment for the Scripps community and operating within an environment of mutual respect.

Dress Code

  • Per the health and safety standards, to utilize the fitness classes, cardiovascular or weight room patrons should wear close-toed shoes and wear a t-shirt for any mat work, or on any equipment with a back.
  • To utilize the pool, patrons should wear a swim suit, a clean t-shirt, shorts (no denim please) or a sports bra.
  • Infants and children should be potty trained or wear non-leaking swim diapers.

As a valued member of the community, you have the right to the following:

  • Quality indoor and outdoor facilities that are clean, safe, and well maintained, and which meet the diverse recreational fitness needs and interests of the community
  • A learning environment
  • Freedom from the threat of intimidation and/or emotional harm
  • The expectation that all rights will be respected
  • The expectation that our policies, procedures, and standards of conduct will be enforced
  • Access to comprehensive information regarding facilities, programs, and services
  • A timely response to expressed concerns
  • Reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities that ensure equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from our facilities

As a valued member of the Scripps community, you have the responsibility to do the following:

  • Abide by all laws, policies, and regulations established by the Tiernan Field House
  • Cooperate with all TFH staff members
  • Respect all reasonable requests of members
  • Treat members and TFH staff with respect
  • Take responsibility for personal and community safety and security
  • Recognize that the Tiernan Field House facilities and their furnishings are shared and abuse of those areas violates the rights of all members
  • Be an active member and communicate your needs to the TFH staff
  • Identify yourself as needing accommodation in a timely fashion if you are an individual with a disability choosing to participate in our programs and activities


* TFH member card ($10.00) if member does not have 5C card

  • Must show proof of permanent residence.
  • Age requirements: Children (building: up to 16 years old; pool: up to 10 years old, during academic year) must be accompanied by a responsible adult (18 years or older) during the visit.
  • GOLD = graduates of last decade (2007–2017)
  • The Claremont Colleges rate applies to all students, faculty, and staff of CMC, HMC, Pitzer, Pomona, CGU, KGI, and CUC. This rate does not apply to Claremont or other area residents.
  • Family includes up to five related people at the same address.

Membership Form (PDF)