New Student Program

The New Student Program exists to help first-years acclimate to life at Scripps. It includes Orientation, Peer Mentor groups, and a wide variety of on and off campus activities such as Target runs, Self-Defense Training, and trips to Disneyland and musicals like Avenue Q and Wicked.

The New Student Program Mission:

  • Assist new students with the transition to Scripps College.
  • Connect students with fellow students, faculty and staff.
  • Familiarize students with our community and the greater Los Angeles area.
  • Prepare students to self-advocate and direct their learning experience toward success.

These goals are reached through:

  • Academic enhancement
  • Getting to know Scripps and our community
  • Development of life skills
  • Fostering class unity

The Peer Mentor program, part of the New Student Program, was developed to further these goals. The Peer Mentor program entails the training and education of approximately 30 Peer Mentors and 9 Team Leaders, who apply for the positions and are selected for their openness, leadership abilities, and dedication to the goals outlined above. The Peer Mentors and Team Leaders are selected and trained by the New Student Coordinators, who work over the summer and throughout the academic year to run the program and plan new student events.

Each new student is assigned to a Peer Mentor Team, usually comprised of six to eight new students and a Peer Mentor. The Peer Mentor Teams are organized by residence hall. The Team Leaders and Peer Mentors undergo an intensive training in the weeks before New Student Orientation to ensure competency and excitement in welcoming new students and making them feel at home on the Scripps campus. Training covers everything from how to handle a new student in crisis to the resources available for new students. Thus, Peer Mentors provide valuable assistance and care to those students new to Scripps College.

If you would like more information about the New Student Program, feel free to contact the Student Activities and Residential Life Office (x74307) or email