For Students

First-Year Essentials

To help you thrive during your first year at Scripps, we provide a series of programs and services tailor made for our first-year students.

Health and Wellness Support

Scripps provides its students with the resources and support they need to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

Social, Athletic, and Leadership Opportunities

Meet other students and get involved at Scripps and across the 5Cs through clubs and organizations, athletics, and more.

Advisors, Deans, and Advocates

To help you navigate campus life, turn to Scripps’ knowledgeable staff of advisors, deans, and advocates.

Academic Resources

Students have access to a wealth of academic resources and support on campus and the 5Cs.

Funding Opportunities

From summer internships to WeAct grants, Scripps provides alternative sources for additional monetary support.