CIEE: Liberals Arts at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUVC)

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  • Reviewed by: Reviewed by Professor Jennifer Wood
  • Fields of study: Students choose one of the required CIEE seminars and take classes at PUCV in the arts, history, literature, natural sciences, psychology, and religion,
  • Eligibility: GPA of 7.5 required by Scripps, students may petition with a 8.25 and above; completion of one 100 level Spanish course. Highly recommended to take a Spanish class in the semester preceding study abroad.

Living Arrangements

Students live and take all meals with host families mostly in Viña del Mar, with a few in Valparaíso. PUCV has campuses in both cities.

Term Dates

  • Fall: Mid July to mid December
  • Spring: Mid February to late June


  • Advising Tips: This program requires a language evaluation completed by the most recent professor.
  • Visa Information: After acceptance, your program will provide you with specifics about the visa required. The embassy site will have information on visa requirements for planning purposes.
  • Budget Planning: For budget planning purposes, click here to view the current cost of living comparison between Valparaiso and Los Angeles.
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