Scholarships and Grants for Study Abroad


Gilman Scholarship -Spring 2019 and Summer 2019 Early Application Now Open!
The U.S. Department of State’s Gilman International Scholarship Program is pleased to announce that the application for students studying or interning abroad during the spring 2019 and summer 2019 terms is now available online.  The student application deadline for both terms is Tuesday, October 2, 2018, at 9:59 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST).

GoAbroad has provided some great tips for applying for study abroad scholarships, check them out as you apply for any of the scholarships listed below!

The Fund for Education Abroad scholarship application for Fall 2019, Summer 2019 or Spring 2020 will open in mid November.  Deadline will be in early January.  

Students applying for Fall 2019 programs should look into scholarship funding early as it may have an impact on the program you choose.  Mark deadlines on your calendar now, even if not sure of the program, so that you don’t miss out on funding opportunities. Some deadlines are up to a year prior to participation and you will want to mark important dates on your calendar so you don’t miss out.

Check this page periodically because we add information whenever we learn of new options.


Scripps College Scholarships, Grants and Other Financial Aid

Scripps financial aid awards for merit and need-based scholarships, grants, and loans can be applied to approved semester study abroad and US internship programs as in every other semester on campus. Work-study funds from the federal government are not awarded for overseas programs, but a student may be able to earn as much of their work-study award for the year during their semester in Claremont for personal expenses during the time abroad. Students participating on the American University Washington Internship program or the Spelman College exchange may be able to earn their work-study funds while enrolled at those schools.

Scripps offers no financial aid for summer study abroad programs but some of the programs sponsors (listed below) do offer aid for their own programs.  Other scholarships and grants below may be available in summer as well.  Scripps does provide funding for non-credit summer internships and summer research projects that can include experiences abroad.

Additional Sources of Funding

Students are encouraged to seek other sources of scholarships and grants that are specific to study abroad.  If a student is awarded funds by an outside organization, it will be posted as a credit on the student account and can reduce the amount of money due to Scripps for tuition, room and board in the semester while studying abroad.  Check with Financial Aid about how your scholarships will be handled.  Some scholarships have a service requirement to help promote study abroad and the scholarship during or after participation.

Program Sponsored Scholarships and Grants

Several of the program providers for programs approved by Scripps award millions of dollars in scholarships and grants each year and Scripps students have had great success in receiving these grants.   When considering your program, ask the provider about any scholarships or grants for which you may be eligible.  You must be enrolled in a program offered by that organization to receive the scholarship or grant. Most scholarship applications are submitted when you apply for the program. Here are the links for some that are known:

US Government Sponsored Funding

The US State Department offers some grants for US citizens that can be applied to participation in any eligible study abroad program. Some deadlines can be very early in the process so investigate sooner, rather than later:

  • Gilman Scholarship – students must be eligible for a Pell grant to apply.
  • Boren Scholarship – $10,000 for a semester, $20,000 year-long programs, or $8000 for STEM students in summer programs at least 8 weeks in length
  • Critical Language Scholarship – applications for Summer 2016 just opened on October 8th.  Check this out now!
  • Fulbright Summer Institutes – summer options for students with at least two years of college remaining.  Most all expenses covered.

Country Specific Funding

Some US and foreign organizations support study or research in a particular country or region.  They provide grants or monthly stipends for personal expenses and/or assistance with airfare expenses. These grants are not limited to a particular program and some are available for summer options.  Eligibility requirements and deadlines vary widely so click each link for details.

Other Scholarships and Grants

  • The Fund for Education Abroad – The deadline for the 2017-18 academic year has passed. The application deadline will be in early January 2018, for programs in Summer 2018, Fall 2018, or Spring 2019.  The application typically opens in mid November.
  • Diversity Abroad:  Overseas Ambassador Program: Provides a $500 award and swag as a blogger while abroad.
  • Hosteling International USA offers a $1000 travel grant to students from the Greater Los Angeles area.  The deadline is typically in mid March.
  • Global Studies Foundation provides three grants of $1000.
  • A searchable database is maintained by the University of Minnesota and by Michigan State for other grants and scholarships.  Some of the listings are limited to students from those institutions but others are open to students from any college or university.  It does require some digging to find scholarships that apply to a students particular situation.