Study Abroad and Global Education (SAGE)

SAGE is a unique academic opportunity for you to extend the critical inquiries begun in the Core sequence and your other classes at Scripps to a semester outside of Claremont. Studying, interning and living in a new environment for a semester, whether in another country or on a program in Washington D.C. or at Spelman College in Atlanta helps to develop the intercultural competence and innovative leadership skills required for success in our increasingly interdependent world.


Approved Study Abroad and Semester Internship Options

Select a country from the list below to see more details about opportunities in that location:

Getting Started – Sophomore and First Year Students

It is never too early to get started and the sooner you begin considering a semester of study away or internship, the more options you will have.  However, if you belatedly realize that you can study abroad only weeks or days before the Scripps application deadlines, we are here to help you work that out. Here are some of the first steps to take:

  • Let your faculty adviser know of your potential interest in studying away, every time you meet for pre-registration advising and begin the planning that will allow you to participate in a study abroad program or a US program during your junior year.
  • Start language study as early as possible – especially for French, German, Spanish or Russian if intending to study in a location where those languages are spoken.  You could start Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or Korean in the first semester of sophomore year and be able to meet the requirements for programs where those languages are spoken.  Check out the language prerequisites here to help in your planning.
  • As you begin to explore your options for a major, take advantage of faculty office hours to meet with faculty in the academic fields that interest you and discuss programs suitable for that major, as well as the best timing for study away for that department.
  • Attend one of the SAGE information sessions in spring of your first year at Scripps or early fall of sophomore year. Transfer students may want to attend a session soon after settling in. Information sessions occur approximately once per week in the first half of each semester.  Attendance at an Information Session is required in order to make an appointment with a SAGE adviser.

Application Process

  • Students apply first to SAGE at Scripps College, typically in sophomore year, to be approved for participation in the junior year.
  • The SAGE application for any approved program may be picked up at the appointment with a SAGE advisor.
    • Petitions are required for any unapproved programs or exceptions to the policies set by the Committee on Study Abroad (COSA) and are available at the advising appointment.
  • Once an application is submitted, it is reviewed and approved by SAGE on behalf of the Committee on Study Aboard.
  • The program approval form as well as an official transcript will be submitted by SAGE directly to the program sponsor.
  • Students are then responsible for completing the sponsoring program’s application  for their chosen program directly with the program sponsor, and paying the program application fee.

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Petitions for Spring 2020: Monday, March 25, 2019, at 5:00 PM to the SAGE Office.
  • Spring 2020 Priority* Scripps Application: April 29, 2019, at 5:00 PM to the SAGE Office.  
    • (Note: The program sponsor deadlines are later but students must be approved by the Committee on Study Abroad at Scripps before applying to the program sponsor for any semester programs that overlap with the Scripps academic calendar year.)

*Students who meet the Scripps application deadline will be given priority consideration. Late applications may not be considered, depending on the number of applications received by the priority deadline.  Students may be asked to change semesters if student numbers are out of balance between fall and spring.

For those planning ahead, the Scripps deadline for petitions for Fall 2020 or Full Year 2020-21 is 5:00 PM on Monday, October 28, 2019.  The priority deadline for SAGE participation in Fall 2020 is 5:00 PM on Monday, December 2, 2019.

**Petitions for participation for more than one semester away are only accepted by the FALL PETITION DEADLINE – no exceptions.