IES- French Language Immersion & Area Studies

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Academic Program

Instruction consists of lectures and seminars; courses taught in French. Students can enroll in courses at University of Nantes. Internships arranged. On-site orientation and fieldtrips included.

  • Reviewed by: D. Krauss
  • Fields of study: Language and culture; social sciences
  • Eligibility: 8.25 cumulative GPA; 4-5 semesters of college-level French
  • Number of program participants: 60

Living Arrangements

Students live in private homes. Meals are taken with the host family.

Term Dates

  • Fall: early September to mid-December
  • Spring: early January to late June


  • Advising Tips: This program will not require a faculty reference if GPA is above 8.25, but will require a reference if GPA is below 8.25. Additionally, this program requires a language evaluation.
  • Visa Information: The French visa requires working with the organization, Campus France, to complete the necessary paperwork and then appearing in person at the assigned French consulate, based on the student's permanent address or in Los Angeles using the Scripps address.
  • Budget Planning: For budget planning purposes, click here to view the current cost of living comparison between Nantes and Los Angeles.
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