London – Art

University of the Arts London Integrated Program at Camberwell, Central Saint Martins, Chelsea or London College of Communications

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Academic Program

An intensive, subject-specific learning experience with local degree students, delivered through individual and group tutorials, crits, projects, seminars and lectures.

  • Reviewed by: Professor Susan Rankaitis
  • Fields of study: Fine art, design, theater performance, media
  • Eligibility: 9.0 cumulative GPA, A strong background with a portfolio of work in the desired field of study

Living Arrangements

Students live in one of the three halls of residence located throughout the city, usually Will Wyatt Court. Scripps provides a meal stipend for students to prepare their own meals in shared kitchen facilities.

Term Dates

  • Fall: By petition only - students cannot receive a full semester of credit for the fall term
  • Spring: Two terms required - from early January through mid June
  • Full Term: By petition, students may request to stay for all three terms, late August through mid June


  • Advising Tips: For information on how to prepare a portfolio, check out this UAL video. This program will require one faculty reference in the major or field relevant to studies planned at UAL. Additionally, a portfolio is required for studio arts.
  • Visa Information: Students on semester programs must obtain a student visitor visa. Year-long students must apply for a Tier 4 student visa. Click here for more information on student visas. Note students on a student visitor visa will not have permission to work, intern or volunteer unless the host university will sponsor you for a Tier 4 student visa. Not all universities will do so.
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