IFSA-Butler: University College London (UCL)

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Academic Program

This is a university-based program with students enrolling in regular university classes with local, as well as other international students.

  • Reviewed by: Andrew Aisenberg
  • Fields of study: Comprehensive university with most Scripps academic departments represented, except fine arts.
  • Eligibility: UCL has strict GPA requirements and a 10.0 GPA at time of application is required unless otherwise indicated along with a strong background in the field of study. •English: 10.2 GPA and 2-4 college level literature courses completed, not including writing. Students can take either 2 or 4 classes in this dept., not 1 or 3. •Economics: 10.5 GPA with A grades in micro & macro, plus a statistics course completed. Econ at UCL has a strong statistical basis. •History & Political Studies: 10.2 GPA with strong background of courses. •History of Art: only art history majors are eligible. •Chemistry and Psychology: 10.5 GPA with a strong background of courses.
  • Size of the student body: 15600 undergraduates, 13,400 graduates, approximately 40% are international students.

Living Arrangements

Students live in university-managed halls of residence or rented flats scattered throughout London with a commute of up to 45 minutes by foot, bus and tube. Students generally prepare their own meals with a stipend provided by Scripps, based on Butler's recommendation. Some of the halls of residence have a mandatory meal plan.

Term Dates

  • Fall: Mid-September to mid-December
  • Spring: Early January to mid June; students must stay through final exams - no exceptions.


  • Visa Information: Students on semester programs must obtain a student visitor visa. Year-long students must apply for a Tier 4 student visa. Click here for more information on student visas. Note students on a student visitor visa will not have permission to work, intern or volunteer unless the host university will sponsor you for a Tier 4 student visa. Not all universities will do so.
  • Budget Planning: UCL charges a supplemental fee for lab use and required field trips when enrolling in certain departments (typically the natural/physical sciences as well psychology). All required components of a class are part of tuition with this supplemental charge covered in the fees paid to the program by Scripps College. The student is responsible for the charges of any optional field trips. London is continually ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world so it is important to budget carefully and take advantage of tips by previous participants on how to stretch your British pounds!
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