IES: Study in Granada, Advanced Program

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Academic Program

Instruction consists of lectures and seminars; courses taught in Spanish. Internships for credit are possible with non-profit organizations or in local schools. On-site orientation and fieldtrips included.

  • Fields of study: Area studies courses with other U.S. students at the IES center. Based on the university placement test, students who score as advanced may take classes at the University of Granada in psychology, economics, humanities, social sciences, politics, and natural sciences. Students have to complete a petition process through the Registrar's Office for courses from abroad to fulfill the Gender and Women's Studies (GWS) general education requirement. However, the course - Images of Women in Mediterranean Film, has already been petitioned by a previous student so it is now approved for the GWS requirement.
  • Eligibility: 8.25 cumulative GPA; two years of college-level Spanish (through Spanish 44); additional language study strongly encouraged if planning to take classes at the university. Scripps requires students to take all coursework in Spanish.
  • Number of program participants: 80 -120 US American students at the IES Center. The University of Granada is the 4th largest in Spain with approximately 80,000 students.

Living Arrangements

Most students live in private homes. Meals are taken with the host family. Limited housing possible in student residence halls where students prepare their own meals with a stipend provided by Scripps.

Term Dates

  • Fall: Early September to mid-December
  • Spring: Mid-January to late May


  • Advising Tips: A faculty reference is only required of applicants with a GPA below 8.25. A language evaluation is also required.
  • Visa Information: The Spanish visa process must be started approximately 90 days prior to departure and students must be in the US to appear at their assigned consulate, typically based on the home state for fall programs, or the Scripps address for spring programs. After acceptance, your program will provide you with specifics about the visa required. The embassy site will have information on visa requirements for planning purposes.
  • Budget Planning: For budget planning purposes, click here to view the current cost of living comparison between Granada and Los Angeles.