Eligibility Requirements

To participate in a SAGE program, Scripps College requires:

  • completion of Core I, II and III and Writing 50,
  • meeting the minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) set by the program, ranging from a high of 11.2 for some Oxford Colleges, to a minimum of 7.75,
  • previous college-level study with a solid performance in the host country language if that  language is currently taught in Claremont.  (Requirements vary by program, see Language Prerequisites for details.)

Some university programs have a higher cumulative GPA requirement because they have determined that level is necessary to succeed in the host institution classes.  Students must meet the program requirement in order to be eligible. Most programs require a 9.0 GPA as the minimum, but some programs are possible with a 7.75.  The GPA is determined by the program and Scripps is not able to change the program’s requirements.

In order to enroll in upper-division courses in your major at most foreign universities, students will need a strong background in their subject area. Students should have completed 2-4 courses in their major prior to program participation if planning to take upper division courses.

Students usually have one required class at each program, either a language class or an area studies course providing cultural context for the host culture.

Students on academic or disciplinary probation or with delinquent student accounts are not eligible to participate.