IFSA-Butler: University College Cork

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  • Fields of study: Celtic studies, social sciences, humanities, music
  • Eligibility: 8.4 cumulative GPA. In order to qualify for upper division courses, 3-4 courses should be completed in the intended field of study prior to participation.
  • Size of the student body: 14000

Living Arrangements

Students will be placed in UCC campus accommodation within ten minutes walk of the main campus. Each flat accommodates three to five students in single study bedrooms. Residents prepare their own meals in shared kitchens with a meal stipend provided by Scripps based on the program recommendation.

Term Dates

  • Fall: Mid-September to mid-December
  • Spring: Mid-January to late June


  • Advising Tips: This program requires one faculty reference. The credit system at Irish universities varies from the US and students typically take 5-7 courses per semester to equal 15 semester units or 3.75 courses at Scripps. Because most classes carry .5 Scripps credit, students must obtain permission from the corresponding department at Scripps, to combine two courses from the same department in order to fulfill a major or minor requirement.
  • Visa Information: After acceptance, your program will provide you with specifics about the visa required. The embassy site will have information on visa requirements for planning purposes.
  • Budget Planning: For budget planning purposes, click here to view the current cost of living comparison between Cork and Los Angeles.