IFSA-Butler: University of Sussex (Due to limited housing, this program is suspended for 2017-2018. Please consider the University of Kent as a comparable alternative.)

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Academic Program

Teaching in humanities and social sciences takes place primarily in small tutorial groups and seminars supported by a variety of lectures. Science courses are composed of lectures, tutorials and laboratory work

  • Reviewed by: Bruce Coats and Emily Wiley
  • Fields of study: Philosophy, sociology, American studies, mathematics, politics, linguistics, biosciences, economics, psychology, art history, media studies.
  • Eligibility: 9.0 cumulative GPA; 4-5 courses in major
  • Size of the student body: 8250

Living Arrangements

Students live on campus, in university managed dormitories. Scripps provides a meal stipend for students to purchase meals in campus cafeterias and prepare their own meals in shared kitchens in the dorm.

Term Dates

  • Fall: mid-September to mid-December
  • Spring: early January to late June


  • Visa Information: Students on semester programs must obtain a student visitor visa. Year-long students must apply for a Tier 4 student visa. Click here for more information on student visas. Note students on a student visitor visa will not have permission to work, intern or volunteer unless the host university will sponsor you for a Tier 4 student visa. Not all universities will do so.