American University in Beirut

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Academic Program

An Arabic language class is required. Students select from regular university courses with instruction in English in either lecture or seminar format..

  • Reviewed by: Faculty: Lara Deeb
  • Fields of study: A full curriuculim in the social sciences, the humanities and the sciences.
  • Eligibility: 9.0 CPA; previous Arabic language study
  • Size of the student body: 6500 undergraduates
  • Number of program participants: 1500-2000 international students attend the university, including several hundred US students

Living Arrangements

On campus housing is limited but international students are given priority before junior and senior students. There is a wide variety of low-cost, student-friendly and reputable hotels in the Hamra neighborhood around AUB, and rooms can be booked over the internet in advance for 10-14 days while students investigate these options. Off-campus housing is plentiful in the neighborhood surrounding the University (Hamra). Most students who arrive during orientation week are able to find suitable housing and an international room-mate (or two) to share it with by the end of their first week in town. Students receive a stipend from Scripps to pay for their meals

Term Dates

  • Fall: Late August to late December
  • Spring: Late January to late May


  • Advising Tips: This program requires a faculty reference. Check with SAGE about other program requirements or exceptions.
  • Visa Information: After acceptance, your program will provide you with specifics about the visa required. The embassy site will have information on visa requirements for planning purposes.
  • Budget Planning: For budget planning purposes, click here to view the current cost of living comparison between Los Angeles and Beirut.