Room Selection Times

Room Selection times will be randomly assigned to students according to the year in which they entered Scripps College.  Each student will receive an e-mail with their room selection time. Students will log into their housing portal during their time, and will have access to any open spaces available. Students selection times will span from 8am-5pm, PST, and students may log in anytime after their selection time to choose a room. Students will be logging in in 5 minute blocks, meaning that every 5 minutes, more students will be allowed to log into the housing portal to select a room. Students are encouraged to choose their room as soon as possible, as the longer a student chooses to wait to select their room, the fewer rooms that may be available.

Transfer Students

The Hall Draw Committee has verified from the Registrar’s Office the year a transfer student began pursuing an undergraduate degree, so they will be placed with the group that started at the College during the same calendar year they were a first year at another institution.

Mid-Year Admission

Any student who was admitted as a first year student at the mid-year (January) will be added to the  group that best matches with the year of their anticipated graduation as determined by the Registrar’s Office. For example, if you are admitted in Spring of 2016, and slated to be a member of the class of 2019, you will be in the same room selection group as the current rising Sophomores.

How to Use the Room Selection Time

When your room selection date and time start (ex 3:30pm on Monday, April 10th), you will log into your housing portal and you will select a room from the open spaces available. It’s as simple as that.