How Room Selection Works

 Step 1: Complete Scripps Housing Application

All students interested in Scripps provided housing  will  complete Scripps Housing Application available on each student’s Residence Housing Portal 

Students will indicate preference of housing options: Including Traditional on-campus housing (Residence Halls); Non-traditional housing: 5-C Exchange,  Substance-Free Housing, Living Learning Communities, and Language Corridors.

Please note: Students wishing to Live Off-Campus will also need to indicate their preference to live independently off-campus.

Step 2: Apply for any Non-Traditional Housing

Students who indicate their interest in non-traditional housing options 5-C Exchange,  Substance-Free Housing, Living Learning Communities, and Language Corridors) will have applications made available to them. *Please read each housing process as each process varies

Step 3: Prepare for Room Selection

There are many ways to prepare for selecting a room.  Students are highly encouraged to take time to select roommates. (Make sure you and your potential roommates are on the same page!) Students should research residence halls and rooms they are interested in living in, by attending Open Houses, participating in the  Roommate Matching Social, reviewing Housing Options, and attending Q&A sessions.

 Step 4: Room Selection

Select a room on the online housing portal from rooms available during your day or time. Easy as that! View the video below to see how you’ll choose your room online.