Hall Draw is Here!

Greetings Scripps Students!

Hall Draw is here! Lottery numbers were emailed out Friday, and some student’s emails were incorrect. We encourage you to stop by DOS, TFH, the Student Union, SARLO or SCORE to see the most accurate and up to date times and adjusted group lottery numbers.

A few things you will need for Tuesday (April 16) and Thursday (April 18):

  • Please come to line up for Hall Draw starting five minutes before your draw time (line starts outside the Motley, toward the Union staircase). Hall Draw is taking place in the Hampton Room this year.
  • All members of your group must be present to draw, or a proxy must have been named in their stead.
  • If you cannot attend Hall Draw during your time, please elect a proxy and submit a form (available at DOS) no later than 2pm April 16
  • Bring your student ID with you. You cannot draw without your ID. Proxys need to bring their Student ID too.

Lottery times for singles will be released Wednesday morning, as these are impacted by Tuesday’s draw. Times will be posted again at DOS, TFH, the Student Union, SARLO or SCORE. Remember to check in regularly with the Google doc to see what rooms are open and available in live time.

*If you are a proxy for a student abroad, or who cannot attend Hall Draw, you simply need to come to Hall Draw, at the assigned time for the person you are representing. You will need to bring your Student ID. **If you are a student abroad, you should have indicated your proxy to OCS. Please communicate with your proxy, so that they are aware of rooms you are interested in

We look forward to seeing you at The Draw!

The Hall Draw Committee


Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to bring to Hall Draw? Answer: You need only bring your Scripps Student ID and an idea of which rooms you would like to draw into. Its as simple as that.

What does my proxy need to do? Answer: Your Proxy needs only to show up to Hall Draw during your time and to bring their Student ID

What if I can’t show up to Hall Draw? Answer: Pick up a Proxy form at DOS and elect a Proxy. Notify your Proxy of rooms you are interested in, ask them to come to Hall Draw during your time, with their Student ID

I received two emails, with two different lottery times. What does this mean? Answer: You received two times, because you had a back-up application and application. The first time (earlier time) is your application time. The second time (later time) is probably your back-up time.  If you draw into your first choice space, you will not need to show up for the back-up time. To clarify, check the group rankings posted in DOS, TFH, the Student Union, SARLO or SCORE



 When do I need to come to Hall Draw? Answer: Suites, Quads, Doubles & Triples are April 16th. Singles are April 18th. You will need to show up 5 minutes before your time to line up.

Does everyone in my group need to be present for Hall Draw? Answer: Yes. If a student cannot be there to draw, they will need to indicate a proxy. Proxy forms are available at DOS

I am abroad. How can I tell which rooms are open or closed? Answer: The live google.doc will be updated in live time by SAS. You can follow it here.

How do I know/confirm who my proxy is? Answer: If you are abroad and you declared a proxy, we will have it on file. If you are concerned, please email Jill Langan or Staci Buchwald.

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