Hall Draw Applications Closed! & Updates

We wanted to first thank everyone who participated in our Open House Nights this week. Thank you current residents for opening your doors and answering questions, and thank you to interested students for looking into as many options as possible! What a success!

Housing applications have closed! We will be releasing averaged lottery numbers and times, as well as updated floor plans, next Friday, April 12. In the meantime, click here to view the google.doc to see what spaces are open.

Q&A session in SCORE April 10th 6-7pm

Hall Draw nights:

April 16th (in order) = Suites: 7person, 5person, 4person, 3person;  Quads; Triples; Doubles

April 18th= Singles draw night


** Both 122 and 22 suites in GJW are three person suites. Apologies for the confusion.


Please keep your eyes peeled for emails regarding Hall Draw in the next week. Email questions, commets or concerns to Jill Langan or Staci Buchwald


See you at The Draw,

The Hall Draw Committee

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