Upload Your Senior Thesis to Scholarship@Claremont for Science Majors

The following is required for senior thesis submission and collection. For a downloadable version of these instructions, click here.

  1. Deliver your bound thesis copies to W.M. Keck Science Department by the published thesis deadline.
  2. Upload your thesis to Scholarship@Claremont.
  3. Print the upload confirmation emailed to you after you’ve uploaded your thesis.
  4. Submit the following to the Registrar’s Office:
    • upload confirmation notification
    • copy of your thesis title page (your title is printed in the commencement program)

Students seeking an exemption to the upload or to delay the upload shall complete and submit to the Registrar’s Office a Thesis Upload Exemption form or Thesis Embargo form along with an electronic copy (PDF format) of their thesis. Sometimes it may be appropriate to delay access to your thesis by means of an embargo. Embargoes are useful for scholarly works pending publication, pending patents, or containing particularly sensitive data. If you wish to embargo your thesis, first discuss this option with your reader.

Once your thesis is uploaded (or Exemption/Embargo request filed), your thesis may be graded by your readers.

Before you begin to upload your thesis to Scholarship@Claremont, review the following important information:

When you upload your thesis, you will click through an agreement form that gives the library permission to provide access to your thesis. You may choose whether to provide worldwide access to your thesis or to limit access to your thesis to the Claremont Colleges IP range.  Restricting access to only the Claremont Colleges IP range will prevent everyone, including you, from accessing your thesis on computers outside the Claremont Consortium. Please note that you may not subsequently change the level of access you elect.

If your project has images, you must comply with one of the following:

  • For images that are not original (made by you): Include permission from the copyright owner, or include a URL but not the image itself.
  • For images from Flickr Creative Commons: Include attribution to the photographer.
  • For images from ArtStor or LUNA: Delete the image and only include the URL. (This allows readers on campus to access the image.)
  • For images from the Claremont Colleges Digital Library: Use the Reference URL in your citation.

To make the upload process quick and smooth, here are important upload tips:

  • Use your personal email address, not your Scripps email address.  Your Scripps email account will be made inactive after commencement in May.  Therefore, use your personal email address in the “author field”.  This is important for two reasons: 1) So you receive download count statistics; and 2) So we can contact you should a reader want to email you for copyright permission or job offers.
  • Choose W.M. Keck Science Department in the first department drop down and the corresponding discipline in the second department drop-down, for example, “Biology”.
  • Include an abstract – a brief summary of your completed research.  An abstract is very important since this helps for discovery and understanding your work.
  • Keywords (topic or subject terms) for your thesis
  • Final version (not a draft) of your thesis. If you create your own PDF file, please embed all fonts.
  1. Click on the link to “My Account.”
  2. Go to “Create new account” and click on “Sign up.” Please fill out all the fields and use your Scripps email address. Make up a password you’ll remember
  3. After you click “Sign Up” the site will direct you to check your email. Once you’ve receive and email from Scholarship@Claremont, click on the embedded link to return you to the site; you will automatically be logged in.
  4. Click on Theses and Dissertation Submission. This is a long page with many links; scroll until you reach the Scripps College section.
  5. Review the terms of the Submission Agreement for Senior Thesis on the bottom half of the page. You are agreeing that the content is yours or that you have given attribution or permission to include content that is under someone else’s copyright. You also agree to give the digital library permission to provide access over the internet and to preserve the digital file for you. Click the check box and Continue.
  6. Fill out the form and upload your file. Required fields are indicated by a red flag. Remember, the more information you include, the more helpful it will be to your readers. Just about any format is accepted, but the preferred formats are: .pdf, .mov, .tiff, or .jpg. Contact scholarship@cuc.claremont.edu for help if your thesis file is very large.
  7. For any questions about the upload process, please contact Center for Digital Initiatives staff through the “Contact Us” link on the main Scholarship@Claremont site, http://scholarship.claremont.edu or email scholarship@cuc.claremont.edu.

…and congratulations!