Registration Guidelines

Enrollment Guidelines

  1. Undergraduate students at The Claremont Colleges are eligible to enroll in courses on a space-available basis under the guidelines and policies applicable on their home campus, together with enrollment restrictions indicated in the schedule of courses.
  2. Students select courses in consultation with their academic advisers and register for courses through the Scripps portal.  The current 5C Course Schedule is available on the Scripps portal.  Set the semester and year and click the academic area in which you are interested.  Click on the individual “Course Code” for course description, prerequisites, any enrollment retractions, and textbook information.
  3. Students are responsible for assuring the accuracy of their enrollment, regardless of class attendance or instructor permission:An instructor may ask the Registrar to drop you from a course if you fail to attend the first two meetings of a course (or one course meeting for courses meeting only one time per week).  However, you will not automatically be dropped from a course you do not attend.
    You will not automatically be added to a course you are attending, even with instructor permission. Note:  You should check the accuracy of your enrollment on your academic portal, particularly just before and after the add and drop deadlines.
  4. The Pass/Fail option is limited to one elective course per semester; no more than four courses total.  Requires C grade (not including C-) for passing (P) grade.  No Pass/Fail grading is allowed for general education, major, or minor courses.

Course Limits

  • Before classes begin, all students are limited to no more than 4.75 courses.
  • During add period (first ten instructional days), all students are limited to no more than 5.75 courses.

Joint and Cooperative Programs

  • Africana Studies
  • American Studies                        
  • Anthropology (Pitzer)
  • Art History (Pitzer, Pomona)
  • Asian Studies
  • Asian American Studies
  • Chicanx Latinx Studies
  • Classics (CMC, Pitzer, Pomona)
  • Environmental Analysis
  • German (all levels)
  • Keck Science (CMC, Pitzer)
  • Media Studies
  • Philosophy (CGU, CMC, HMC)
  • Physical Education (JP)
  • Religious Studies
  • Science, Technology & Society
  • Theatre
  • The Claremont Colleges Modern Languages Program
  • Intercollegiate Feminist Center for Teaching, Research and Engagement
  1. Music Department (Scripps and Pomona) issues permission and requires auditions:  New students must sign up for auditions and interviews at the Scripps Performing Arts Center.  For private lessons at Pomona College, contact Pomona Music Department, ext. 18155.  Pomona private lessons have fees not included on your Scripps bill.
  2. Course instructors issue permission (PERM) to enroll in certain courses via the Scripps portal.  After instructor permission is granted, you must add the course through the portal. Click the following link for video instructions on PERMs and Portal Registration
  3. Audited courses must be added during first ten instructional days on space-available basis with instructor written permission.  Forms are available in the Registrar’s Office. Audit does not earn ANY credit or meet any requirement. 

Registering for Required Core Sequence

Note:    Registration in Core courses are closely monitored.

First-Years must take Core I their first fall semester, then sequentially.  Transfer students should refer to their Final Transfer Evaluation to determine the appropriate Core Curriculum sequence based upon their class standing at entrance at Scripps.

  • You must see the Core Director to request a Core section change.  While emailing an individual section instructor is possible through the portal, normally the section limits are carefully managed and adding a closed section is unlikely.
  • You must arrange your schedule around the Core requirement, as needed.  Failure to register for Core in subsequent semesters may result in academic probation for jeopardizing your academic progress and/or ineligibility to participate in a study abroad program.

Seniors must register for their senior thesis (refer to Seniors section for specific information).