First Year Advising for Pre-Meds, Biology, Neuroscience and Bio-Chem Majors

The biology, neuroscience and biology-chemistry majors are densely packed and require students to plan their schedules carefully in order to fulfill the requirements and maintain some flexibility in case they plan to study abroad or want to have double or dual majors. This document is provided to help first year advisors to be as effective as possible. Below are guidelines for advising first year students.

Most important, students who are pre-med or are planning on being science majors need to find an advisor in the W.M. Keck Science Department as soon as possible.

Option One

The best choice is for students to take both General Chemistry and Introductory Biology in their first year. This allows them to take Organic Chemistry and begin taking upper level Biology courses in their sophomore year.

This option is suitable for students with strong high school backgrounds in science and strong math abilities. It should only be recommended to students who place into Calculus I or higher.

Option Two

Take General Chemistry in their first year and Biology and Organic Chemistry as sophomores.

This option should be recommended to those who had less science preparation in high school but who have placed into Calculus I or above.

Option Three

Take Biology in their first year, General Chemistry their second year and Organic Chemistry their third year.

This option is the appropriate choice for students with weak high school science backgrounds and/or lower math SAT scores (This is the only choice for students with math SAT scores lower than 600 and/or students who do not place into Calculus I or above).

Pre-meds should contact Professor Newton Copp (KSC B37, x72932) or Lisa Ponce (KSC 115, x18764). Students looking for a science advisor can contact any of the following faculty members who have volunteered to serve as academic advisors to science students.

  • Newton Copp (B37, x72932) Pre-Med and Neuoroscience
  • Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert (202, x77068) Biology and Biology-Chemistry
  • Dan Guthrie (KSC 106, 72836) Biology and Environmental Science
  • Mary Hatcher-Skeers (211, x71586) Chemistry and Biology-Chemistry
  • James Higdon (x18402) Physics and Management Engineering
  • Robin Justice (B14, x71772) Biology and Biology-Chemistry
  • Adam Landsberg (KSC112, 78016) Physics
  • Katie Purvis (KSC 217) Chemistry and Environmental Science