Adviser Registration Clearance on the Academic Portal

Note: You may download these instructions as a PDF.

Adviser Registration Clearance 1

  • From the Faculty Default Page, select Advisee Roster to access registration clearance.
  • Click on the Advisee Status drop-down and select Need Registration Clearance.
  • Be sure to change the Term to the appropriate semester.
  • Click on Search.

Adviser Registration ClearanceThe next screen displays a list of your advisees with pictures, if available; (photos omitted in examples). Your advisees ID number, class, registration date/time, and major/minor advisers (omitted) are also listed.

  • Students who require registration clearance will appear with a Grant button. Click on Grant to give your permission for each advisee you have approved to register.
  • The Grant button changes to Remove when registration clearance has been granted. To rescind registration approval, click Remove.
  • Note: “Not Applicable” means the student does not need registration clearance for the upcoming semester (e.g. graduating, going abroad, etc.) or that you are not this student’s academic adviser but her major/minor adviser. Only the academic adviser can grant registration clearance.
  • Click on an individual student’s name (not shown here) to display to your advisee’s academic information (below).

Adviser Registration ClearanceThe Academic Details screen provides information such as the student’s Class, Enrolled Date, Planned Graduation, Academic Status, Major, Minor located just below.

  • By clicking on an individual student’s name on the previous screen, you move to this Academic Details screen.
  • Under Tools and Information above, you may access your advisee’s test scores in Academic History, courses taken in Course History, courses taken/grades earned as well as AP/IB test scores and placement exam results in Unofficial Transcript. Review her Student Schedule and access Course Search.
  • Click on the Advisee Roster link at top to return to the previous page. Do NOT use your browser back arrow.