Workday Financials update and training

Posted: June 19, 2015

Dear Scripps Staff:

I am writing this email to update you on the status of the Workday Financials system and the training schedule over the next several weeks (from June 23 to July 17).  I understand that many of you may not be here during this training period so please be assured that we will hold additional training after July 17 up to the end of September.

On July 1, all eight member institutions of The Claremont Colleges will go live with the Workday Financials system. This is a major milestone, as all the Colleges will now use the same modern and user-friendly financial reporting system but represents a significant change in the way we process many of our financial transactions. These changes include:

Account numbers will become worktag strings of varying lengths to provide a standardized account identification system across the Colleges. The worktags replace the former 14 digit account numbers.
Supplier (vendor) invoices for goods and services will be created directly in the Workday system, rather than on separate request-for-check (RFC) paper forms.  In addition, the current paper approval process will be replaced with an automated one.
Student refunds and employee out-of-pocket expense reimbursements will be paid via an ad hoc payment feature in Workday instead of as supplier (vendor) payments.  Paper processing of employee out-of-pocket expense reimbursements until implementation of the Workday expenses module in Phase II, at a date to be determined during 2015-16.

Over the next several weeks the Colleges will offer training to staff and faculty who have a role in initiating or approving certain financial transactions. Workday Financials training will begin next week (June 23) and will continue until July 17.   The following training sessions will be made available:

  • Suppliers – How to create a supplier invoice (RFC) in Workday, including copying a supplier invoice, recurring supplier invoices, splitting expenses. How to see where an invoice is in the approvals process. This is for external vendors, and not student, employee or travel reimbursements.
  • Customers – Create a customer invoice to charge for services etc supplied by the college to a customer e.g. catering, public events. How to create the invoice and how to apply payments to that invoice.
  • Approvers – How to approve a transaction in Workday, such as approving a supplier invoice (RFC). Where to see notifications of tasks, how to approve, send back, deny.
  • Cash Sales – How to create a cash sale in Workday, such as money received from donors, retail items etc. How to create the pdf to send with the receipts to CUC for processing.
  • Journal entries – How to create accounting journals to reallocate funds or charge central bills to multiple areas.

A schedule for the training along with sign up information is available at the Colleges’ Workday website at  You may sign up for training sessions at any of the Claremont College except for Suppliers training because it is tailored specifically to each College, so be sure to sign up for the Suppliers session held at Scripps. Please email Paula Shah ( or Tristan Gerber ( to find out which training sessions you should sign up for given your role at Scripps.


I hope you will find the new system to be easy and intuitive to use. However, if you have additional questions, please reach out to your Workday Ambassadors, who can help you during this transition and learning period. A list of Workday ambassadors is available at



Donna Ng

Vice President for Business Affairs/Treasurer

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