Water Conservation Project Update

Posted: July 14, 2015

Dear Community,

As some of you may have seen, there are a lot of moving parts on the campus as we work on water conservation projects. The Jaqua lawns have been removed in preparation for installation of a lower water using lawn (Bandera bermuda). This lawn is expected to use 30% less water than the previous lawn which was installed in a time of water surplus. The new lawn for Jaqua will be installed on Wednesday, July 15th. Irrigation has been improved for maximizing efficiency of water use. Watering cycles during the day will need to be repeated in order to establish the new lawns. This is a norm in the landscape industry for lawn establishment period of 2-3 weeks. It will take approximately four weeks for the lawn to be ready for use. We ask that you please remain on perimeter of lawn until the string is removed for your use of lawns.

The area between Dorsey and Margaret Fowler Garden will consist of a centered decomposed granite (d.g.) path with a low water use plant on perimeter as that used at the Revelle House. The d.g. Will be placed on Thursday and Friday of this week.

The lower lawns, Bowling Green, Lower Bowling Green, and Elm Tree lawn will also be renovated with the same type of grass. Due to pre-contracted weddings, conferences, and events on our campus, the lower lawns process of renovation will start on Tuesday, July 14th as lawns are sprayed to eliminate existing grass. The water will be turned off and the grass will die off in approximately 7-10 days. The dead grass layers will be removed the week of July 25th through 27th. Expect higher noise level and contractors on site during this time. The new Bandera bermuda sod will be laid the week of the 27th.

Elm Tree lawn will not have bermuda, but rather a fine fescue that uses less water and does well in the shade.

The North lawn of the Sallie Tiernan Field House has been removed and will be replaced by a sand volleyball court. This project will commence the week of the 20th.

The Firelane road between Kimberly Hall and the Margaret Fowler Garden will begin the week of the 20th. A central concrete path with planters on either side will create a non lawn corridor between these buildings.

Will we be ready for Orientation? YES!!!

We thank you in advance for your patience on these projects as Scripps does its part for water conservation.

Best Regards,

Lola Trafecanty

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