Voter Registration Information

Posted: October 4, 2016

Scripps College encourages students to register to vote.  Registering and voting are important aspects of your rights and responsibilities as an informed citizen.  The following information is provided to assist you in registering to vote either in California or in your home state.

In order to vote, you must be a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years old at the time of the next election.  As a college student you may register either in California using your college residential address or at home using your permanent home address.  When completing your voter registration form please note that P.O. boxes are not permitted as your residential/home address.  If you live on-campus, list the name of your residence hall as your residential/home address and if you live off-campus use your off-campus street address.

California registration forms are available on-line (scroll down to “How to Register to Vote”).  Forms are also available at post offices, libraries, city hall, or department of motor vehicle offices.  For information regarding California registration deadlines please see the California State Board of Elections website.

Helpful voter and election web resources

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