Turf Dinner Showcases 5C CLORGs

Posted: September 16, 2013

Are you a student looking for new ways to get involved with the Scripps community? Come to this year’s annual 5C Turf Dinner Tuesday, September 17 from 5:00-7:00 pm at the Mudd Quadrangle behind Honnold-Mudd Library. The dinner allows visitors to browse through a dizzying array of CLORGs while enjoying street food from Consortium dining halls.

In a new move for the event, 10th Street between the library and Garrison Theater will shut down to make extra room for the more than 120 5C CLORG tables.

“The goal is to bring everyone together to meet the student leaders of all these organizations,” says Sam Haynes, the Scripps 5C representative. “It’s a definite benefit for Scripps because of its close location.”

One Scripps student excited about the event is Emily Roizin ’15, who will represent the 5C Quidditch Team.

“I have really enjoyed getting to meet people from the different schools,” Emily says. “Last year at Turf Dinner we brought a bunch of equipment and ran around pretending to catch the golden snitch.”

Last year the committee decided to rotate the event between the five colleges, after Scripps had hosted the event for over ten consecutive years. This is the second year on rotation, but instead of a specific college’s campus they chose the neutral library quadrangle for its ample room and central location.

“You don’t want to miss Turf Dinner,” Haynes says, “You have a wonderful atmosphere of 5C CLORGs at your fingertips and great cuisine featured by each of the dining halls.”

– Rachel Grate ’15

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