The Week in Review: September 30-October 4

Posted: October 8, 2013

Bridging the Gender Gap

Life After Scripps, an annual weeklong series of programs coordinated by the Scripps College Career Planning & Resources office, returned to campus last week September 30-October 4. The mix of lectures and practical advice about how best to pursue a job (or an advanced degree) was well-received.

Annie Houle, national director of WAGE (Women Are Getting Even) Project, led a fascinating workshop October 1 on “Bridging the Gender Gap.” Houle works with women across the country to understand the power of negotiating a salary and how a lack of negotiation by women is one factor that leads to a gender pay gap.

Houle worked with more than two dozen students through the process of preparing for and negotiating a salary. Students started by looking at a specific job’s average salary (found on and an applicant’s resume to find where the applicant should fall within that range. They were also walked through living expenses and learned to budget roughly how much to spend a month.

Participants then role-played a salary negotiation to practice standing up for themselves, their qualifications, and their right to good pay.

This workshop taught many Scripps women to overcome their discomfort about asking for more money and to understand they are fighting for what they’re worth.

“The knowledge I gained during the workshop made me more confident I can secure a better financial future for myself and those I love,” said Alden Weaver ’14.


The Scripps Activities Team (A-Team) hosted their first on-campus event of the year on Friday, attracting participants to make their own Do-It-Yourself cookie ice cream sandwiches. Participants selected cookies and ice cream flavors (with vegan and gluten free options) provided by Malott Commons; some lounged on Bowling Green Lawn or let out their inner child in a bounce house at the event.

“It was awesome to see Scripps students, Board of Trustees members and other 5C students stop by,” said Tori Sepand ’15, one of A-Team’s monthly First Friday events coordinators. “We are so excited to plan more events and reach out to the Scripps and 5C community this year.”

The Scripps Regatta

Ever wanted to make a boat only using duct tape and cardboard? On Friday, September 27, Scripps students faced this challenge in the First Annual Scripps Regatta.

Eight teams competed, taking an hour to construct their boat and then choosing two team members to sail it across the Scripps pool. “Riot Regatta” won first place for making it the furthest – three quarters the length of the pool – before sinking. Honorable mentions went to “The Titanic 2” for Best Aesthetic and “The Boat” for Most Spirited because of their personalized team shirts.

“We’re really proud of the event and its success,” organizer Maddie Ripley ’14 says.

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