The results are in

Posted: April 15, 2013

After two run-off ballots, we’re ready to introduce you to the 2013-14 Scripps Associated Students (SAS) leadership!


  • President: Marta Bean ‘14
  • Vice President: Alex Frumkin ‘15
  • Student Activities Chair: Francesca Simmons ‘14
  • Secretary: Theresa Iker ‘14
  • Co-Treasurers: Maddie Ripley ’14 and Casey Maas ‘14
  • Judicial and Academic Review Chair: Leah Soffer ‘14
  • CLORGS Chair: Mia Pecora ‘14
  • Sustainability Chair: Leah Hochberg ‘14
  • Diversity and Inclusivity Chair: Emily Areta ‘14
  • Student Union Chair: Minjoo Kim


  • 5C Events Chair: Haley Godtfredsen
  • Media Relations Chair: Alison Kibe
  • Campus Activities Chair: Lauren Halberg ‘14
  • Dorm Activities Chair: Isabella Mascheroni
  • Faculty-Staff Relations Chair: Max Greenberg ‘14
  • Senior Class Representatives: Emma Brillhart ’14 and Oriana LaVilla ‘14
  • Junior Class Representatives: Mikayla Raymond ’15 and Allegra Breedlove ‘15
  • Sophomore Class Representative: Jennie Xu ‘16
  • Recent Graduate Trustee: Emily Jovais ‘13


The new team is looking forward to serving their community in the coming year. “Alex Frumkin, Francesca Simmons, and I have already started brainstorming our plans for next year,” says Bean. “We want to promote meaningful conversations in the community by bringing interesting speakers to campus and encouraging student participation regarding important decisions that will impact the college’s future.

“I’m excited that this fabulous group of students will help promote SAS visibility and presence on campus.”

“I’m extremely excited about my upcoming role as SAS Secretary!” says Iker. “One of the long term goals of SAS is increase its visibility and transparency on campus, something that has been off to a fantastic start this year. (Election participation was up 25%!) I feel my new role can help SAS maintain a spirit of openness and even better serve the Scripps community.”

“Being involved in SAS will allow me to truly give back to this institution that has provided me with so many opportunities over the past three years,” adds Soffer. “I am especially excited to build stronger connections between the students and the faculty and administration, to represent Scripps students on the Committee of Academic Review, and to work with the other wonderful leaders in SAS.”

For more information on SAS, check out their website. — Ann Mayhew ’13

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