Scripps College Pet Policy

Posted: October 7, 2013

Scripps Faculty, Students, and Staff,

I am writing to provide you a follow-up to the multiple discussions that occurred last year regarding the development of a pet policy at Scripps.

As you may remember, a pet policy task force was created including Amy Marcus-Newhall (Chair and Dean of Faculty), Sally Steffen (Chief of Staff), Bekki Lee (Dean of Students), Cheryl Pump (Staff Representative), Mary Hatcher-Skeers (Faculty Representative), Anne Demarest, and Julia Markham-Cameron (Student Representatives).

Up to this point, decisions about pets have been decentralized across campus; there was a need to create a universal policy for the College after complaints were received by the Dean of Faculty’s Office.

The pet policy subcommittee reviewed the pet policies of The Claremont Colleges and incorporated suggestions from faculty, staff, and students in the development of a pet policy for Scripps College. We had an excellent response to the community survey regarding pets on campus; more than 350 members of our community shared their thoughts on this topic. Based on the diversity of perspectives, the best practices, and knowledge of our own community, the pet policy task force recommended to President Bettison-Varga and her senior staff team (including all of the Vice Presidents of the College) a plan that after some minor modifications has been adopted by the College.

The new policy is available online and is effective immediately. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Amy Marcus-Newhall.


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