Scripps College Medical Team Needs You

Posted: September 4, 2014

To all Students, Staff, and Faculty:

Scripps College and its Emergency Readiness Committee have a very comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Plan. One of its functions is to maintain a well-trained Emergency Medical Team. Scripps College students, staff, and faculty volunteer each year to assist in the event of an emergency/disaster on campus. To prepare for such an event, Scripps provides team members with CPR and First Aid training at no cost to them. The team meets 2-3 times per semester to enhance our effectiveness in the event of an actual emergency. To be an active member you need to attend at least ONE meeting per semester and participate in drills.

If you are interested in being a member of our Medical Team, please visit the online response form. The online response form is designed to help us keep information accurate so we ask that even if you are already a member that you visit the link and fill out the form.

To learn more about Scripps College’s Emergency Preparedness Plan, please see our web page.

Please complete the online form no later than Friday, September 19. I hope to hear from you!


Cheryl Pump
Co-Leader- Medical Team


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