Posted: March 27, 2013

The Scripps Communities of Resources and Empowerment (SCORE) office wants to know what you think about class at the College – in six words or less.

Based on the Race Card Project initiated in 2010 by NPR’s Michele Norris, SCORE’s Class Project hopes to start an honest conversation about how the Scripps community experiences and talks about their socio-economic background. How it works is simple – each student, staff, and faculty member has the option to fill out a Class card delivered to their campus mailbox and return it to the Mail Center. Contributors are asked to restrict their feelings to a handful of words which, when combined anonymously, will help us all learn more about how we feel about class.

“We wanted to shift some of our spotlight to less explored topics that are as equally pervasive at Scripps,” says SCORE Program Coordinator Yuka Ogino. “Listening to students’ stories, we learned some students feel marginalized, that Class is often silenced but definitely not hidden on this campus.”

SCORE plans to collect the postcards into an e-book for the Scripps community. It’s one piece of a larger dialogue to be facilitated by assistant professor of politics and international relations Mark Golub, a starting point for earnest discussion.

“Class affects us all, but affects us all differently,” adds Ogino. “Our hope is an honest and candid conversation about this silenced but pervasive topic. SCORE wants to see what we as a community can do to create a more inclusive environment surrounding this issue.”

The deadline for submissions is April 7 – fill out your postcard and mail it to PMB 2011 or submit your response online today!

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