SASPORT to Adventure

Posted: October 4, 2013

This year, Scripps Associated Students (SAS) will take students where they may have gone before – with a new twist. SAS president Marta Bean ’14 hopes SASPORTs, a pocket-sized booklet distributed to students earlier this fall, will be their ticket to a more dynamic semester.

“SASPORT is a new initiative to involve students in campus and 5C activities,” says Bean. “There’s always so much happening in the community, and we’re hoping this will incentivize people to attend more events and get the most out of their Scripps experience.”

Although initially perplexed, students now seem receptive to the idea: “It seems like a very good idea to get students motivated to go to SAS events and for students to get together,” says Yvonna Leung ’15.

“Getting students involved is the most important goal,” says Bean. “Fostering a community that enjoys learning out of the classroom and investing time into fun events is important for the College.”

SAS is currently in the process of ordering special stamps for the SASPORTs. Approved events, including BeHeard forums and Humanities Institute lectures, will be indicated by brackets in the weekly SASsy Weekend Update. Students with the most stamps at the end of the semester will be eligible for prizes, including dinner with president Lori Bettison-Varga.

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