SAS Election Results and Runoff

Posted: April 1, 2013

Hello, Scripps!

I would like to first thank you all so much for a spirited election season this spring. We had more voters than ever before (472)!

That said, I am honored to announce the newly elected 2013-2014 SAS Executive Board and Programming Board leaders.

Marta Bean

Vice President
Alex Frumkin

Student Activities Chair
Francesca Simmons

Theresa Iker

Maddie Ripley and Casey Maas

Judicial and Academic Review Chair
Leah Soffer

Mia Pecora

Sustainability Chair
Leah Hochberg

Diversity and Inclusivity Chair
Emily Areta

Student Union Chair
Minjoo Kim

5C Events Chair
Haley Godtfredsen

Media Relations Chair
Alison Kibe

Campus Activities Chair

Dorm Activities Chair
Isabella Mascheroni

Faculty-Staff Relations Chair
Max Greenberg

Senior Class Representatives
Emma Brillhart and Oriana LaVilla

Junior Class Representatives
Mikayla Raymond and Allegra Breedlove

Sophomore Class Representative
Jennie Xu

Recent Graduate Trustee

The percentages will be posted in the Student Union on Monday Morning.

Runoff Elections

  1. When a simple majority vote isn’t reached (over 50% of the votes), SAS initiates a run off election of the top two candidates. The following position will thus be engaged in a run-off election: Campus Activities Chair. The two candidates are: Lauren Halberg and Roslyn Hower.
  2. A Recent Grad Trustee candidate had to withdraw from the election. Because of this, we will have to re-do the Recent Grad Trustee election.

The run-off ballot can be found here. In it, you will also have the opportunity to vote for Professor of the Year and Staff Member of the Year.

The class with the highest percentage participation will get a party with Krispy Kreme Donuts!

All the best,

Alexa Kopelman, Emily Jovais, and the SAS Election Committee

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