Please review/update your emergency contact information

Posted: October 7, 2013

Dear faculty, students, and staff,

As you may know, Scripps and The Claremont Colleges contracted with Blackboard Connect, a company providing schools and companies with instant emergency notification services. This system has the capability of notifying you by email, phone (landline and cellular phones), and/or with text messages.

In the event of a fire, earthquake, active shooter on campus, or other major emergency, we will want to notify you soon as possible with information about the emergency and the appropriate response required. (Students: you may want to include your home phone number as your secondary telephone number, and advise your parents that they will also receive notifications.)

Please take the time to visit the College’s website and post, review and/or update your Blackboard Connect (Scripps Alert) contact information. Log-in with your Novell/Academic Portal ID and password and enter/update your Scripps Alert information; it is crucial you sign-up for the notifications and regularly update your contact information as it can become outdated over time.

Please note standard text messaging fees will apply for SMS messages.

Best regards,

Joanne Coville
Vice President of Business Affairs and Treasurer

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