Paperless Student Billing Statements

Posted: December 19, 2012

Scripps is pleased to announce the completion of our transition to paperless student billing statements. Beginning spring semester, with the December 10, 2012 bill due January 1, 2013, statements will be accessed electronically. Paper student billing statements will no longer be mailed. The College has had many requests for paperless statements, and this new and more efficient method is in keeping with our goal of becoming more sustainable.

The student bill is accessed through the Scripps student’s portal. Since the portal is the students’ domain, you will be the one to indicate the parent or parents who are responsible for paying your bill. By entering this information, you give your parent permission to go online and retrieve the bill after you set up the responsible billing party’s email address in the CASHNet system. (They will not have access to the student portal.) Once the bills are generated, the College sends an email message, and the bill is ready to be viewed by you and your family.

Instructions for giving parent(s) authorization to access paperless billing statement in CASHNet

Log into the Scripps Student portal and click on “CASHNet” under the Student tab. In My Account Info, click “Go to CASHNet.” Next, click “Add New” under the Parent PINs section to add your parent as an additional user to the site. Once authorized, an email will be sent to your parent containing the Parent PIN and a temporary password.

If you do not give your parents authorization to access the online billing statement, you will be responsible for making sure the payments are made.

CASHNet Login Instructions for parents and other authorized parties

Log into CASHNet using the Parent PIN and password provided to you by email. CASHNet provides students and other authorized parties online access to view Scripps student account bills and make electronic (ACH) payments.

Payments can be made electronically (ACH) through the CASHNet system (please follow the instructions on the website), or by check mailed to the address shown at the top of the billing statement.  As in the past, Scripps does not accept credit card or debit payments.

Families who receive payments from outside organizations, such as tuition remission payments from other institutions or payments from 529 plans, will need to send a copy of the student billing statement to those organizations.

Remember, beginning December 10, 2012, paper student billing statements will no longer be mailed to you. The statement must be accessed electronically. If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact our office at (909) 621-8259 or e-mail us.

The attached letter has been sent by post to the responsible billing party (your parent or family) on record in the Student Accounts system.

Best regards,

Office of Student Accounts
Scripps College

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