October SCORE Programming

Posted: September 26, 2013

During the month of October SCORE is programming, in conjunction with various 5C faculty, staff and students workshops, trainings and dialogues around how to be an ally and how to grow as an ally across and within identities.

Calendar and event information forthcoming. Check us out on Facebook/Scripps S.C.O.R.E and @Scripps_SCORE. For more information, please email Score@scrippscollege.edu.

Fall Retreat

The kickoff is a retreat hosted by SCORE the weekend of October 4. It include workshops to help us grapple with oppression, power, privilege, and identity. Lodging, transportation, and meals* are all provided; please follow the link to sign up!

* Meals are provided from your meal plan through us.

Las Cafeteras

SCORE also welcomes the vibrant and community-focused Las Cafeteras to host a workshop and performance at Scripps College on October 11. The band’s Afro-Mexican rhythms, zapateado, and inspiring lyrics tell stories of those looking for love and fighting for justice in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles.

A remix of traditional Son Jarocho sounds, Las Cafeteras fuses Afro-Caribbean marimbol and cajón, poetry in English and Spanglish, and instruments like jarana, requinto, a donkey jawbone and a wooden platform called the Tarima.

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