Keeping Scripps College in the Green: Sustainability Update

Posted: October 29, 2012

It isn’t easy being green, but it’s getting easier, and more popular than ever. The Scripps community has been busy keeping the campus green since the Sustainability Fair last April, and students, faculty, and staff are contributing their time and energy to make sustainability at the College a priority.

The following provides a sampling of some of the projects the College has been involved with in its efforts to be a better steward of its resources:

  • New Student Orientation: Sustainability had its own event in this year’s new student orientation, a first for Scripps College. Sustainable Scripps, an event with representatives from The Motley Coffeehouse, Scripps Environmental Club, SAS, departments of maintenance and grounds, sustainability committee, and the Field House, provided a chance to share past and current efforts towards sustainability on campus with new students. Representatives advertised the new SAS eco-rep positions available and encouraged the use of Diva Cups.
  • Sustainable Scripps on Facebook: SAS created a Facebook page to share the College’s sustainability and environmental efforts with the Claremont community and beyond. Check us out, leave a comment, and learn more about how you can get involved at
  • The Student Union: Now you can refill your water bottle at the Student Union using their new Elkay EZH2O bottle-filling station. The first was installed in 2010 in Toll Hall’s entryway. Cut down on plastic waste and quench your thirst at the same time!
  • Paper Recycling at Kimberly: The pilot program in Kimberly Hall to reduce paper waste was a big success. Fifty students collaborated in a 10-week program to collect recyclable paper products and they generated 522 pounds of paper. As a result, the College is working to implement the program across all the residence halls with the help of the SAS eco-reps.
  • Cardboard Baler Update: The cardboard baler has also been successful in cutting down waste and generating funds for the College; so far, we’ve sent two loads—6.42 and 6.2 tons—and earned $130 and $156, respectively.
  • To-Go Cups: Scripps’ to-go cups are a big hit with students, staff, and faculty, and are eliminating large amounts of waste each week. Keep using your cups, and if you don’t have one yet, you can purchase one for $3.00 at the Malott Commons.
  • Meatless Monday: For five Mondays in a row, beginning on October 29, Malott Commons will be providing a Meatless Monday education campaign where you can learn about the campaign, share delicious vegetarian recipes, and vote for your favorite in the vegetarian recipe contest. Students will be available to answer your questions about Meatless Monday—a sustainable food system that encourages consumers to go meatless one day a week to reduce water waste, cut methane emissions, and help small producers.

Stay tuned for another sustainability update in early 2013 and again in spring. Let’s continue to keep Scripps green.

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