It’s that Time of the Month: A Series on Menstruation

Posted: November 4, 2013

We are reclaiming the conversation around menstruation. As students at a women’s college we feel there should be more positive dialogue about the female body and its natural processes. This week is meant to create a positive and safe environment to engage with a traditionally taboo topic.

Discussion with Health Education Outreach

November 5
Clark Living Room

Can I have sex on my period?
Can I lose my virginity to a tampon?
Are diva cups safe?
Are their more eco-friendly options to pads and tampons?

Join Residential Life and Health Education Outreach (HEO) for the answers to these questions and more. Come get the inside scoop on menstruation, sexual health, and alternative options to products and treatments. Discuss this normally taboo topic with your peers in a safe space. (Red) snacks provided; submit anonymous questions here.

“The Uterus Flag Project” Sit & Stitch

November 7
Student Union

Come work with guest artist Terrilynn Quick who started The Uterus Flag Project, a social justice art project that aims to change the consciousness about women’s health. Decorate a painted uterus flag using traditional “women’s materials” like yarn, threads, and beads to represent your personal story. Get more information about her work here:

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