Fall Convocation 2019 Student Awards

Posted: September 3, 2019

At fall convocation, Scripps College recognizes the achievements of its continuing students during the past academic year. We celebrate their accomplishments and honor their hard work and dedication.


Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Alpha Theta is a national honor society in history.  Students who meet the criteria are invited to join.

Sophie Boczek ’20

Sarah Sanchez ’20

Abigail Sorkin’20

Psi Chi

Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology, founded in 1929 for the purposes of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and advancing the science of psychology. Membership is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are making the study of psychology one of their major interests, and who meet the qualifications.

Caroline Wen-Hwei Strang ’21

Emily Diamond ’20

Sigma Delta Pi

Sigma Delta Pi is a national honorary Spanish society. Juniors and seniors are elected to membership on the basis of academic standing.

Kathy Liu ’19 (Fall)

Christina Marshall ’20

Paloma Nakamura ’20

Lucy Ordman ’21

Lillian Perlmutter ’21

Olivia Truesdale ’21

Julia Weiland ’19 (Fall)

Elizabeth Willsmore-Finkle ’20

Sigma Xi

The Claremont Colleges Club of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, elects students to associate membership in the national society on the basis of outstanding aptitude for scientific research and achievement in science.

Vicky Lu ’20


The Ament Scholars Award

The Ament Scholars Award was established by alumnae of the classes of 1931 through 1947 in memory of William Sheffield Ament, Professor of English, and a member of the original faculty of Scripps College. The award is given each year to recognize rising seniors who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship in the Humanities.

Erin Delany ’20

Margaret Gil ’20

Madeline Warman ’20

Athlete of the Year

The Athlete of the Year Award is given to the outstanding athlete for the 2018-2019 academic year, co-sponsored by the Dean of Students Office and CMS Athletic Department.

Catherine Allen ’20

The Claremont Colleges Library Undergraduate Research Award

This award celebrates excellence in undergraduate research in all disciplines and is awarded to current students whose recent research has made skillful and creative use of resources from the Library and beyond, and who have learned about the research process through inquiry and discovery.

Jessica Mei ’22–First-Year Award

Through the Looking Glass: Donald Trump’s Rhetoric, Heteronormativity, and Homosociality

Crombie Allen Award

This award, presented for the best creative written work:  essay, short story, poetry, or play, was established in 1927 by Mr. Crombie Allen, a former editor of the Ontario Daily Report.

Priya Thomas ’21–Betsy’s Bughouse for Psychotic Introverts

The Virginia Judy Esterly Research Awards

The Esterly Awards, established in 1949 in memory of Virginia Judy Esterly, assistant to the president and counselor of human relations at Scripps from 1934 to 1946, are given to scholars who combine the qualities of good scholarship, effective service in student activities, and responsible citizenship. The awards are granted to students who present a worthwhile educational project to be undertaken during the summer.

Alexandra Lambros ’20–Computational Modeling of Connexin

Karina Lopez ’21–Nicaragua and Campesina Organizing

Serina Montero ’22–An Investigation of African Cultural Practices in Dominican and Dominican American Immigrant Groups

Charlotte Ostrow ’22–A Summer of Learning How Children Learn at Stanford’s Social Learning Lab

Jia Rui Song ’21–The Development of Modern State Through Special Economic Zones

Daphne Wong ’21–Mapping of Venus Surface Using GIS

The Ruth George Poetry Prize

The Ruth George Poetry Prize is a cash award for an outstanding poem or group of poems. This award was established in 1951 in recognition of Professor George’s devoted and inspired teaching of writing and the appreciation of poetry. The prize is awarded only for work of special merit and is not necessarily given each year.

Langelihle Chinyoka ’21

The Martha Wehmeier Hammer ’66 Scholarship

Established in 1996 in honor of former Board Chair, Martha Wehmeier Hammer ’66, this scholarship is awarded to an outstanding sophomore at the conclusion of the student’s third semester of the Humanities Core Program. The recipient receives the scholarship for the junior year.

Langelihle Chinyoka ’21

Alice Giuffredi ’21

Samhita Kadivala ’21

Hearst Foundation Research Fellowship Fund

The goals of the research fellowship are to gain critically important research skills and training in a faculty-directed research fellowship.

Tess Anderson ’22–Tel Akko Archeological Dig and Conservation Research

Elizabeth Carleton ’21–Seeds of Change

Juliana Clark ’20–Historical Texas Bank Data (1905-1920)

Siena Hinshelwood ’22–Researching the Connection Between Free Ports and Special Economic Zones

Marissa Parks ’21–Understanding Obscenity Law Today

The Hsu Fund for Academic Interactions with China

Established by Tony and Lily Hsu, parents of Alle Hsu ’11, the Hsu Fund supports faculty and/or student travel to China and exchanges and/or delegations with Chinese Universities that further the academic and/or research pursuits of the faculty, students, and College.

Kyla Aiko Smith ’20–Definitions of Chineseness Through History, Memory, and Idealization

The Mary W. Johnson and J. Stanley Johnson Student Research Award

These awards, established in 1995, support student summer research projects.  Students work under the guidance of Scripps faculty members and present their results to the college community at a college-wide research symposium in the fall.

Alexandra Bacall ’20–Autonomy, Well-Being and Deception–an Ethical Analysis of the Rights Granted to the Dying

Clare Blackwell ’20–San Francisco Active Transportation Corridor Design Proposal

Guadalupe Flores ’20–Forming Decolonial Relationships

Eve Kaufman ’20–Exploring the Words of Foster Rhodes Jackson

Isabelle Lopez ’21–A Model Experimental System for Polymer Interactions

Edison Reid-McLaughlin ’21–High-Throughput Biochemistry Analysis of Firefly Luciferase Function

Megan Robalewski ’20–Off the Rails:  Rethinking Public Transit through Human-Centered Design

W.M. Keck Summer Research Fellowship

Awards $4,000 to students conducting summer research under the supervision of a W.M. Keck Science Department professor.

Jillian Batiuk ’21

Fiona Callahan ’21

Dulcinea Jones ’21

Elisabeth Lawton ’21

Chloe Lesh ’21

Maria Lew ’20

Emily McCabe ’21

Jamie Reid ’21

Madeline Ruos ’21

Bekki Lee Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Bekki Lee Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established in 2013 through the generosity of Bekki’s friends and family to celebrate her lifelong commitment to education, access and inclusivity. Bekki’s deep commitment to education will be remembered, honored, and celebrated in perpetuity through the award of the Bekki Lee Memorial Endowed Scholarship to a deserving student who has made significant efforts to enhance the Scripps community.

Amanda Martinez ’20

The Samella Lewis Scholarship

The Samella Lewis Scholarship was established in 2002 by former students, friends, and admirers of Samella Lewis, Professor Emerita of Art History. The scholarship honors Samella Lewis as an educator, artist, and mentor. The scholarship is awarded to an African American student on the basis of scholastic achievement, excellence in character, leadership, and responsibility.

Priya Canzius ’20

The Lind Family Prize in Mathematics in Honor of Mary Barron and Professor Louis Barron 

This award is designated in loving memory by their nephew, Matthew M. Lind, parent of Katy Lind ’06. The prize, a tuition-offsetting scholarship, is awarded to an undergraduate who has shown particular promise in math.

Karma Istanbouli ’20

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program

The goal of the MMUF program is to identify and support underrepresented students, and others with a demonstrated commitment to diversity and equity, who are interested in earning a doctorate in the core fields of arts and sciences and becoming future faculty.  Students apply as sophomores.  Fellows receive funding for two summers and two academic years of research and participate in seminars and mentoring programs.

Tselot Sibhat Aklilu ’21–Maroon Resistance: The Role of Displacement and Flight in Liberating the Black Body

Mellon Interdisciplinary Humanities Initiative

This fellowship provides opportunities for students to conduct faculty-mentored research and pursue a creative interdisciplinary project (e.g. dance, art, film, etc.) based in the humanities. Students will be mentored by faculty and conduct their individual projects throughout the summer.

Alexi Butts ’20–Language, Memory, Place: A Clay Archive of “Home”

Carolann Duro ’20–Waking Up Serrano:  Exploring the Generations of Language Learning in Serrano People

Lauren Koenig ’20–Women and the Ideal-I: The Impact of Motherhood on the Female (Un)Conscious

Chloe Lin ’21–‘Sang’ Culture: Despair and Hope of Middle-class Young Adults Living in a Neoliberal and Authoritarian China

Kayley Okamura ’20–The Conveniently Unheard: Analyzing the Link Between Art and Activism Amongst Asian American/Pacific Islander Women Poets

Ariel So ’20–Poetics of Trauma: Writing Through Fragmentation and Reconstruction

Emma Stammen ’20–Historical and Ideological Constructions of Women’s Prisons in the US: Carceral Feminism and the Gendering of Criminality

Kaeley Stout ’20–Exploring Children’s Developing Autonomy and Welfare

Natasha Vhugen ’21–Playing it Queer

Tamara Wachsman ’20–An Exploration of Trauma and its Effects in the Classical World

Lucile P. Morrison Dance Scholarship

Established by the late Trustee Mrs. Lucile Morrison in 1947, this award was designed to provide students with an opportunity to broaden their horizons and to encourage their interest in dance as a vital educational experience. It is given to sophomores or juniors to enable them to study with outstanding professionals in a summer school program.

Devon Frost ’20

Julia Gottlieb ’20

Chloe Lesh ’21

Lucy Ordman ’21

Aisha Skye ’20

Robert B. Palmer Classics Award

This award, established in memory of the late Robert B. Palmer, Trustee Professor of Classical Studies at Scripps from 1949 to 1977, is awarded to students who have displayed distinguished scholarship and promise in their studies of the Classics.

Blaike Cheramie ’21

Merle A. & Edith G. Potter Award

The Merle A. and Edith G. Potter Award was established in recognition of Edith Potter’s 23 years of dedicated service to Scripps College, and her tireless efforts to carry on the legacy of her late husband to build bridges of understanding between Germans and Americans. This award provides funding for a Scripps student to carry out a research project that focuses on German culture.

Eleanor Grosse ’20

The Ellen Clark Revelle Scholarship (“The Nellie”)

The “Nellie” is an innovative and transformative scholarship honoring the alumna and former trustee Ellen Clark Revelle ’31. Designated as an Ellen Clark Revelle Scholar, the recipient of this award must be a continuing student who is making excellent academic progress, demonstrates financial need, and fully engages in the Scripps College community and beyond through leadership activities.

Abygayle Rivera ’21

The Marie McSpadden Sands Writing Awards

Established in 1995 by the sons of Marie McSpadden Sands, a member of the Class of ’34, these awards recognize excellence in writing among first-year students.

Anna Burns ’22–Best Textual Analysis

Jessica Mei ’22–Best Researched Argument

The Sybil Smith Memorial Latin Prize

This award is given annually to outstanding classics majors who are preparing for professional careers in the classics.

Alyssa Rowshan ’21

Donald A. Strauss Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship was created as a memorial to the late Don Strauss, who demonstrated a strong, lifelong commitment to public service and education. The scholarship is granted to sophomore or junior-year students who wish to “make a difference” in local, regional, or national communities. The scholarship is awarded for the student’s junior or senior year.

Bergen Carloss ’20–Think Big Theater: An Enrichment Program for L.A. Homeless Youth