Fall Convocation 2018 Student Awards

Posted: September 4, 2018


At fall convocation, Scripps College recognizes the achievements of its continuing students during the past academic year. We celebrate their accomplishments and honor their hard work and dedication.



Sigma Xi

The Claremont Colleges Club of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, elects seniors to associate membership in the national society on the basis of outstanding aptitude for scientific research and achievement in science.

Guneet Kaur ’19

Sigma Delta Pi

Sigma Delta Pi is a national honorary Spanish society. Juniors and seniors are elected to membership on the basis of academic standing.

Emily Brooks ’19

Erin Delany ’20

Leah Nadir ’20

Julia Pinedo ’19



 The Ament Scholars Award

The Ament Scholars Award was established by alumnae of the classes of 1931 through 1947 in memory of William Sheffield Ament, Professor of English, and a member of the original faculty of Scripps College. The award is given each year to recognize rising seniors who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship in the Humanities.

 Karla Mejia Rivera ’19

Danielle Tishkoff Chidester ’19

The Claremont Colleges Library Undergraduate Research Award

This award celebrates excellence in undergraduate research in all disciplines, and is awarded to current students whose recent research has made skillful and creative use of resources from the Library and beyond, and who have learned about the research process through inquiry and discovery.

Carmin Sherlock ’21 – Subverting the Systems: Strength in Victimhood through Malcom                                                 X’s Anti-Jeremiad


Crombie Allen Award

This award, presented for the best creative written work:  essay, short story, poetry, or play, was established in 1927 by Mr. Crombie Allen, a former editor of the Ontario Daily Report.

 Priya Thomas ’21


 The Virginia Judy Esterly Research Awards

The Esterly Awards, established in 1949 in memory of Virginia Judy Esterly, assistant to the president and counselor of human relations at Scripps from 1934 to 1946, are given to scholars who combine the qualities of good scholarship, effective service in student activities, and responsible citizenship. The awards are granted to students who present a worthwhile educational project to be undertaken during the summer.


Alicia Goode-Allen ’19 – Connecting Activism to Academics

Emma Johnson ’20 – Studies in Behavioral Economics at London School of Economics

Jennifer Johnston ’21 – Possible use of RNAs for worm-to-worm communication in

  1. elegans

Julie Korsmeyer ’19 – Infrared Spectroscopy of Matrix-Isolated Anthracoronene

Emma Stacy ’19 – Environmental Chemistry Symposium and Paper Workshop in Malaysia


The Ruth George Poetry Prize

The Ruth George Poetry Prize is a cash award for an outstanding poem or group of poems. This award was established in 1951 in recognition of Professor George’s devoted and inspired teaching of writing and the appreciation of poetry. The prize is awarded only for work of special merit and is not necessarily given each year.

Janet Asante ’21

Isabella Waldron ’19


Getty Multicultural Undergraduate Internships

The Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery awards summer internships for undergraduates of diverse cultural backgrounds. The program is designed to introduce students of African/African American, Asian/Asian American, Latino/Hispanic, Native American, or Pacific Islander descent to careers available in museums and related fields.

Hannah Avalos ’21, California State University, Fullerton – Getty Multicultural Visual                                                     Resources Intern

Aubrey Beam ’18, Stanford University – Getty Multicultural Collections/Conservation                                                      Intern

Trinity Chapa ’21, Pomona College – Getty Multicultural Curatorial Intern


The Martha Wehmeier Hammer ’66 Scholarship

Established in 1996 in honor of former Board Chair, Martha Wehmeier Hammer ’66, this scholarship is awarded to an outstanding sophomore at the conclusion of the student’s third semester of the Humanities Core Program. The recipient receives the scholarship for the junior year.

Eleanor Mammen ’20

Paloma Nakamura ’20

Shringi Vikram ’20


Hearst Foundation Research Fellowship Fund

The goals of the research fellowship are to gain critically important research skills and training in a faculty-directed research fellowship.

Martha Bono ’19 – The History of Missing Justice for Native Women in the American                                                      Southeast

Emma Cornwell ’19 – A Blueprint for a Better Tomorrow?

Maureen Cowhey ’19 – The Early Modern and Present Day Book Trade: An Economic                                                     Approach to Understanding Literary Popularity over Time

Guadalupe Flores ’20 – GrowHaus and Food Justice in Denver

Katie Graham ’19 – Restoring the Relationship Between Food, Nature, and People: An                                                     Exploration of Natural and Traditional Farming in Japan

Anastasia Kourotchkina ’20 – Seeking Connections: Capitalism and Free Economic                                                          Zones


The Mary W. Johnson and J. Stanley Johnson Student Research Award

These awards, established in 1995, support student summer research projects.  Students work under the guidance of Scripps faculty members and present their results to the college community at a college-wide research symposium in the fall.


Emma Bekele ’19 – Investigating if Cell Shape is an Adaptation to Bee Pollination

Katherine Erickson ’21 – Identification of Devil Facial Tumor-Associated Antigens for                                                    Vaccine Development

Meghan Gwinn’19 – There’s Wellness in Presence: The Body in Context

Lauren Longo ’20 – Synaptic Dysfunction in Neurodegenerative Disease

Isabelle Lopez ’21 – Can Micro-filaments Behave Like Biopolymers?

Forrest Mans ’19 – Sound and Healing: Minako Seki Method

Rena Patel ’19 – Interdisciplinary Inquiry into Moral Action, Cognition, Character, and                             Culture

Hannah McCarthy Potter ’20 – Brain Response to Seeing Emotions Expressed on the Faces                      of Other People

Tamara Wachsman ’20 – The Connotations of the Labels of Immigration as Presented in                           the Media


LASPA Center for Leadership: We Act Action and Research Grants

The LASPA action grants provide opportunities for students to transform knowledge, passion, and ideas into action; demonstrate creative and effective problem-solving; create partnership(s) in the public or private sector; and produce outcomes that make a positive impact.


Susana Perez ’19 – Partner organization: Within Our Lifetime – United for Palestine in                                                    New York, New York

Roxanne Rozo-Marsh ’19 – Partner organization: Mexico Solidarity Network in Chiapas,                                                 Mexico

Tanvi Shah ’20 – Partner organization: Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California

Hannah Skutt ’19 – Partner organization: Web and Development Foundation of Cameroon                                               in Bangoua and Batoufam, Cameroon.

Madison Wagner ’19 – Partner organization: Gender Concerns International in Tunisia


Bekki Lee Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Bekki Lee Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established in 2013 through the generosity of Bekki’s friends and family to celebrate her lifelong commitment to education, access and inclusivity. Bekki’s deep commitment to education will be remembered, honored, and celebrated in perpetuity through the award of the Bekki Lee Memorial Endowed Scholarship to a deserving student who has made significant efforts to enhance the Scripps community.

 Michall Singleton ’18


Samella Lewis Scholarship

The Samella Lewis Scholarship was established in 2002 by former students, friends, and admirers of Samella Lewis, Professor Emerita of Art History. The scholarship honors Samella Lewis as an educator, artist, and mentor. The scholarship is awarded to an African American student on the basis of scholastic achievement, excellence in character, leadership, and responsibility.

Bemnet Gebrechirstos ’19


The Lind Family Prize in Mathematics in Honor of Mary Barron and Professor Louis Barron 

This award is designated in loving memory by their nephew, Matthew M. Lind, parent of Katy Lind ’06. The prize, a tuition-offsetting scholarship, is awarded to an undergraduate who has shown particular promise in math.

 Aria Chaderjian ’19


The Sarah La Fetra Ludwick Campus Preservation Fund

The Sarah La Fetra Ludwick Campus Preservation Fund was established in 2015 through the generosity of Sarah La Fetra Ludwick ’65 and Arthur Ludwick. This Fund supports internships for students to work on conservation, preservation and enhancement projects that will ensure the beauty and strength of Scripps College’s campus in perpetuity.

Gillian Holzer ’19


Mellon Undergraduate Research Fellowships in the Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

The Mellon Undergraduate Research Fellowship program provides opportunities for students to gain critically important research skills and training in a faculty-directed research fellowship, and to pursue their own research questions and more fully develop their senior theses with a pre-thesis fellowship.

Amanda Larson ’19 – An Articulation of Want: A Series of Poems Written Through the Lens of Literary Theory

Emma Loftus ’19 – The Role Empathy Plays in Moral Reasoning and Behavior

Bella Ratner ’19 – The Ethics of Tampering with a Future Child’s DNA

Desiree Santos ’19 – Is Belief in Conspiracy Theories Rational?

Ran Tao ’19 – Justification of the Right to Privacy

Corey Wilson ’19 – Memory, Narrative, and Trauma: Methods of Reconciliation in South Africa



Lucile P. Morrison Dance Scholarship

Established by the late Trustee Mrs. Lucile Morrison in 1947, this award was designed to provide students with an opportunity to broaden their horizons and to encourage their interest in dance as a vital educational experience. It is given to sophomores or juniors to enable them to study with outstanding professionals in a summer school program.

Devon Frost ’20

Meghan Gwinn ’19

Aisha Skye ’20


Merle A. & Edith G. Potter Award

The Merle A. and Edith G. Potter Award was established in recognition of Edith Potter’s 23 years of dedicated service to Scripps College, and her tireless efforts to carry on the legacy of her late husband to build bridges of understanding between Germans and Americans. This award provides funding for a Scripps student to carry out a research project that focuses on German culture.

Emelia Paua BensonMeyer ’20

Elise Sanford Van Scoy ’20


Peggy Phelps Internship, Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery

Through the generosity of Peggy Phelps, this internship is designed to give Scripps students exposure to and experience curating and organizing art exhibitions. The 2018 intern organized two exhibitions from the Scripps permanent art collection for future display at the Clark Humanities Museum and San Antonio Gardens. 

Alexandra Bush ’19


The Ellen Clark Revelle “Nellie” Scholarship

The “Nellie” is an innovative and transformative scholarship honoring the alumna and former trustee Ellen Clark Revelle ’31. Designated as an Ellen Clark Revelle Scholar, the recipient of this award must be a continuing student who is making excellent academic progress, demonstrates financial need, and fully engages in the Scripps College community and beyond through leadership activities.

 Michelle Ramirez Martinez ‘20


The Marie McSpadden Sands Writing Awards

Established in 1995 by the sons of Marie McSpadden Sands, a member of the Class of ’34, these awards recognize excellence in writing among first-year students.

Akshaya Amarnath ’21 – Best Textual Analysis

Carmin Sherlock ’21 – Best Researched Argument


The Sybil Smith Memorial Latin Prize

This award is given annually to outstanding classics majors who are preparing for professional careers in the classics.

 Hannah Alalou ’19

Maggie Bynum ’20


The Jane Hurley Wilson and Michael G. Wilson Internship in Art Administration

The Wilson Internship, offered by the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery, is a summer internship made possible by Scripps alumna Jane Coila Wilson ’64 and Michael Wilson (HMC ’63) as part of their generous contribution in support of the Scripps Art program.

Lauren Koenig ’20 – Wilson Arts Administration Intern



On behalf of Scripps College and our summer internship grant recipients, we would like to extend our gratitude to the donors who have supported the Scripps College Internship Grant Program by establishing named operating and endowed internships as well as the many donors who support the program through their annual gifts, including many faculty and staff. In 2018, our named internships include:

Alumnae Association Internship

Rebecca Barber Adams ’61 Nonprofit Internship

Barbara Bixby Blackwell ’63 Internship

Frances Kay Brossy ’50 Memorial Nonprofit Endowed Internship

Angelica K. Clark ’84 Internship

Conflict Management Internship

The Davis Family Foundation Leadership Internship

Joanna Dunklee ’62 Internship

Fine Arts Foundation Art Internship

Gabrielle Giffords ’93 Public Service Internship

Bodi Heart Foundation, Dr. Ann S. Wang Internship

Judith Nelson Keep ’66 Leadership Internship

S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation and Jude and Eileen Laspa Internship

The Marquardt Family Internship

Dr. David “The Dogman” Null Internship

Scripps College Internship for the Environment

Scripps College Friends and Families Internship

The Scheyer Family Education Internship

Amy Louise Vanderloop ’07 Memorial Internship

We are incredibly grateful to all of the donors who give students amazing growth opportunities by supporting internships at Scripps College.



Myranda Alonso ’20                            Baylor College of Medicine

Antara Anand ’19                                 Endeavor Global

Mary Antell ’19                                    Hermosa Beach Artist’s Collective

Safa Arshadullah ’20                            Strategic Public Relations Group

Lauren Au ’19                                      Hawaii Pacific Health

Miriam Bankier ’20                              Art in Suburbia

Shreya Basu ’19                                   South Asian Network – AWAZ: Voices Against Violence

Francesca Beach ’19                            The Humane League

Emelia BensonMeyer ’20                     Justine Sherman & Associates

Meghan Bobrowsky ’21                       The Philadelphia Inquirer

Sophie Boczek ’20                               The Field Museum

Aleah Booker ’20                                 The Women’s Hospital of Texas

Alivia Brown ’19                                 Allied Integrated Marketing

Karina Bucciarelli ’19                          Centre for Social Innovation, Womxn Rank

Zoe Cardwell-Copenhefer ’20             Backside Learning Center

Bergen Carloss ’20                               Shleep

Milena Carothers ’19                           Seattle Art Museum

Tova Cohen ’20                                    Missouri Coordinated Campaign

Emily Collins ’19                                 Playworks Evaluation Department

Noura Elazami ’19                               Child Foundation

Zahava Feldstein ’20                            Rainbow Services

Molly Ferguson ’20                              University of Vermont, Department of Mathematics and                                                               Statistics

Sydney Fischer ’20                               East Bay Trans Counseling

Olivia Gilbert ’20                                 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Clinical           Research Division

Julia Gottlieb ’20                                  Flag Art Foundation

Megan Gratke ’19                                Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Archives

Nicole Greenberg ’19                           McCaskill for Missouri

Eleanor Grosse ’20                               Green Star Movement

Nishara Gunasekara ’19                       Child Welfare League of America

Alexandra Hammond ’19                     Running Start

Margaret Harris ’21                              BlinkNow Foundation

Rebecca Hoving ’21                             Moffly Media, Westport Magazine

Eliamani Ismail ’20                              Back Roads Entertainment

Caroline Jaeger ’19                              New York League of Conservation Voters

Samhita Kadiyala ’21                           Stanford University, Department of Pediatrics

Guneet Kaur ’19                                   University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine

Dena Kleemeier ’19                             American Sustainable Business Council

Emily Koenig ’19                                 Boston Children’s Hospital, Laboratories of Cognitive                                                               Neuroscience

Evelyn Larsen ’19                                Senator Patty Murray

Zaidee Laughlin ’20                             Intervale Food Hub

Greer Levin ’19                                    Justice Action Network

Elizabeth Lewis ’19                             Coconuts Bangkok

Ariel Lewis ’20                                    Children’s Advocacy Center

Elyse Lindahl ’19                                 KAF Adventures

Anna Liss-Roy ’20                               Senator Cynthia Creem, Massachusetts State Senate

Kathy Liu ’20                                       Utah Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Forensic     Services

Aatreyi Lunia ’20                                 Digitale

Sarah Ma ’21                                        SculptureCenter

Emilee Manske ’21                              San Francisco General Hospital

Natalie Marsh ’19                                 LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions)

Amanda Martinez ’20                          Los Angeles United Methodist Museum of Social Justice

Kripa Mehta ’19                                   New York University, Medical Ethics Department

Sahana Mehta ’20                                 South Asian Lesbian and Gay Association of New York   City (SALGA-NYC)

Matilda Msall ’19                                 Office of Congressman Mike Quigley

Samantha Muckle ’20                          Dawson College Bound

Sophia  Navratil ’21                             Studio Gallery DC

Rachel Nayer ’18                                 Forklift Danceworks

Darlene Nguyen ’19                             University of California, Los Angeles, Department of                                                               Neurobiology

Sharon Nyamuzuwe ’20                       Network for Women in Prison

Kayley Okamura ’20                            Phoneme Media

Olivia Palenscar ’19                             University of Washington Botanic Gardens

Anna Paz ’20                                        Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB)

Sophie Peters ’20                                 Office of Congressperson Earl Blumenauer

Olivia Pritchard ’19                              Beebe Healthcare

Julia Puzzo ’21                                     EquipIC

Miriam Raffel-Smith ’20                     The Bar Association of San Fransisco

Yasmine Razzak ’21                            TenSky Entertainment

Juliana Romeo ’21                               Triplemint

Linnea Rosenberg ’19                          Claremont Museum of Art

Vera Samuels ’20                                 Southeastern Louisiana Legal Services

Sarah Sanchez ’20                                9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Office of the Circuit            Executive

Alexa Sanchez ’21                               Office of Senator Michael Bennet

Alisha Sarakki ’19                                University of California, Irvine, Department of Urology

Rhiannon Schaub ’20                           CALYX Press

Leila Schneider ’20                              LifeMoves

Yadira Schrom ’19                               Veterans Legal Institute

Michall Singleton ’18                           University of Southern California, School of Social          Work, EMBRace

Gabrielle Snowden ’19                        Witness for Peace

Esha Srinivasan ’19                              Vocate, Inc.

Morgan Stewart ’19                             University of Washington, Friday Harbor Laboratories

Maggie Thompson ’20                         California Governor’s Office of Planning & Research       (OPR) and the Strategic Growth Council (SGC)

Molly Tobin ’20                                   Akashic Books

Elise Van Scoy ’20                               ConsejoSano

Ananya Venkatesh ’21                         University of California at San Francisco, Department of                                                               Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Rebecca Wainess ’19                           Newsom for California – Governor 2018

Emma Waldspurger ’20                       Castilleja School, Partnership for 21st Century      Assessment

Amanda Walker ’20                             Milk & Eggs

Annabel Walsh ’21                               Popskull

Catherine Ward ’20                              Christie’s Art Auction House

Catherine Weiss ’20                             Office of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Hannah Weissler ’19                            District of Columbia Public Schools

Anna Wessels ’21                                 International Rescue Commitee

Sullivan Whitely ’19                            ModernWell

Clarissa Ylagan ’19                              Raymond M. Alf Museum

Samantha Yu ’20                                  EcoUrban Gardens

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