Email Launch Delay

Posted: October 30, 2014

Dear Scripps College Community,

At the start of this academic year, we shared great news that Scripps had selected Office 365 to replace GroupWise with a proposed launch date of January 12, 2015. We are writing to inform you that the launch date will be moved to March 24, 2015.

In the past two months, as the IT team continued to develop the implementation plan, they determined that the plan would be most successful if the Scripps community were using the current version of Office 365. Currently the IT team supports five different versions of Microsoft Office for the Scripps community. Each version of Office is slightly different in the way it looks, where items are located, and how some functions work. As such, with a new launch date of March 24, 2015, the additional time will allow the IT team to get the desktop computing environment consistent, including deployment of the latest Microsoft Office 2013 for our Windows-based systems, and Microsoft Office 2011 for our Macintosh systems. As an added benefit, the Scripps community will get access to the latest features of Office 365 which will be the same for everyone. In addition, training will be greatly simplified for the entire community.

Work is already underway, and during the remainder of fall 2014, all desktop updates will be completed. The implementation plan will still include the following:

  • Training: IT will provide several training options, from group/department sessions to self-tutorial videos.
  • Testing: test accounts will be created for every email account, enabling you to “play” with the system before it goes live.
  • Transfer: all email, contact, and calendar information will be moved from GroupWise to Office 365.
  • Communication and Support: a website will be created to provide current information about the implementation plan and a central access point for getting help and support.

We appreciate your patience and support as we undertake this major initiative.


Amy Marcus-Newhall, VP for Academic Affair and Dean of Faculty
Donna Ng, VP for Business Affairs/Treasurer
Jeffrey Sessler, Director of Information Technology

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