Captain Tearable Saves the Planet!

Posted: May 1, 2013

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Captain Tearable! Students of the Scripps Recycling Committee introduce to Scripps College Captain Tearable. She’s a Scripps superhero who separates her tearable recycling (cardboard and paper) from her comingled recycling. By doing this simple task, the Department of Maintenance can bale the tearable recycling, reducing the volume of waste and collection pickup times , therefore lowering transportation energy and harmful emissions. The College then earns money from the bales that goes back into sustainability efforts on campus. —Captain Tearable is helping to save the planet, and so can you!

The recycling committee   focuses on sustainability initiatives at Scripps, and the members are leading the green revolution campus wide in the  Environmental Club, the Sustainability Committee, SAS Sustainability, and LEED advocacy. Niel Erickson, director of campus facilities, approached the Sustainability Committee for student volunteers to implement a College tearable recycling program. The committee was eager to help, and in February 2013, the group conceived the idea for Captain Tearable and publicized the new tearable recycling bins.

Soon the committee realized a tearable truth: students weren’t putting their cardboard in the proper bins. So much cardboard was needlessly dumped in the bright blue comingled bins, not the intended dark blue tearable bins. The cardboard wasn’t compacted, and the comingled recycling was being trucked out, same as always. What, you ask, is an environmentalist to do?

Captain Tearable to the rescue! The Scripps superhero puts a fun face (and a tearable pun) to paper and cardboard recycling efforts on campus.

Join Captain Tearable and make tearable recycling an important part of your life at Scripps. And remember, students—keep Scripps green.

Happy recycling, from your favorite Scripps Recycling Committee: Lauren Mitten, Jessica Ng, Lucia Nunez, and Mieke Ruina. .

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