Campus Roundup: April 9-15

Posted: April 16, 2013

Scripps Dances

The Scripps College Dance Department hosted their annual spring concert April 12-13 in Garrison Theater. Crowds packed the venue to see original dances choreographed by students and faculty, ranging in style from ballet to modern to West African.

European Union Conference

The European Union Center of California Conference began Friday, when members of the Scripps community gathered to listen to Lionel Jospin, former Prime Minister of France, give a talk on “Europe: a Continent in Decline or a Model for the Future?” He discussed the economic crisis at length, and answered questions from students.

This weekend was the 11th annual Claremont-University of California Undergraduate Research Conference, which has been hosted at Scripps since 2005.  It is the oldest and largest academic conference in the United States dedicated to undergraduate research on European Union topics. In addition to the Keynote Address by Lionel Jospin, Ambassador Karel Kovanda, the former Czech Ambassador to the United Nations, spoke on “Europe Integrating, Countries Disintegrating?”

The conference, hosted by professor David Andrews, brought together 49 students from 27 undergraduate universities who completed individual research projects they presented at the conference. Scripps student presenters included Hannah Gardenswartz ‘15, Julia MacNelly ‘13, Julia Markham-Cameron ‘13, and Alexandra Weaver ‘13.

“The goals of the conference are to promote the visibility of European Union Studies and expose the participants to different intellectual and academic traditions within this field, to motivate student research and hone analytical, writing and presentation skills, and to strengthen the curriculum on European Union Studies at participating campuses by encouraging faculty interaction with students,” said Zaynah Rahman, administrative Director of the EU Center.


Every year, thousands of Indians celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi, commonly known as “the festival of colors.” On April 12, The Hindu Society and students from all of The Claremont Colleges— regardless of their religion or nationality—came together to join in the Holi festivities at Pomona College’s Walker Beach.

The Holi festival marks the beginning of spring, and has its origins in Hindu mythology, celebrating the triumph of good over evil. On this day, people unite, hug each other, wish each other “Happy Holi,” and smear each other with a multitude of colorful paints. Usually accompanied with music, dancing, and a feast, this festival is the most anticipated celebration on the Indian subcontinent.

At Walker Beach, it was clear multicultural events like Holi are among the most popular events for students. Holi in particular encourages the students to abandon their fears of getting messy, throw on some old clothes, and enjoy a great big free-for-all of paint, water, and fun. “Holi is my favorite festival in Claremont!” said Kiley Lawrence ’14.

This joyful celebration continued until the students were unrecognizably smeared in shades of bright blue and purple. As students rinsed off in fountains and sunbathed on the lawn, it was observed by many that Holi was truly a successful 5C event.

International Festival

The International Festival is an annual celebration of the multitude of cultures represented by students at the 5Cs. All five colleges gather on Claremont McKenna College’s main quad to sample the food from different countries (purchasable through the meal plan) and learn about different cultures by listening to traditional folk stories, music, and watching cultural dances. This year countries represented included Singapore, Turkey, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico, Armenia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Ghana, and many more.

— With contributions from Susan Bryant ’13, Rachel Grate ’15, and Alexandra Trimm ’14.

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