Building a campus-wide culture of inclusion

Posted: September 5, 2014

Dear members of the Scripps College community,

How quickly the summer passed!

In early July, we announced that Antoinette Myers ’12 was returning to campus to facilitate workshops and engage in dialogue with staff and students. Antoinette reviewed activities to identify opportunities for alignment with the Diversity and Inclusivity Strategic Plan approved by Senior Staff in November 2013. She collaborated with Scripps community members to build a shared vocabulary for staff and students to utilize in campus-wide discussions regarding diversity, inclusivity, and equity. Additionally, through surveys, listening sessions, and targeted conversations, Antoinette identified opportunities for enhanced communications and gathered implementable suggestions and recommendations for building a campus-wide culture of inclusion.

During August, Antoinette collaborated with SCORE to host and co-facilitate professional development workshops for staff and student leaders: “Power, Privilege, and Oppression,” “Power and Privilege in Leadership,” and “Trans Allyship and Breaking down the Binary.” Over 1/4 of the staff attended one or more sessions and the senior staff met with SAS for a joint conversation.

There is much to share!

Within the next month, a comprehensive report of the activities, comments, and suggestions from the summer work will be posted to the Diversity and Inclusivity section of the Scripps website. In addition, the workplan for advancing our shared work will be posted. Everyone is encouraged to review the materials and participate in this important community building work.

Everyone is invited to participate in an inclusive leadership workshop that will be offered in October by Sustained Dialogues Campus Network. The high-energy, hands-on certification workshop will provide professional training in strategies for effective intercultural communication. This knowledge serves as a foundation for leadership in the classroom, campus organizations, and workplace communities, as well as preparation for lifelong learning in engaging differences as strength. Each person who completes the workshop will receive a Sustained Dialogues Inclusive Leadership certificate. Look for information on dates and the application process on the Diversity and Inclusivity web page soon.

Please join me in thanking Antoinette for the significant work she did on behalf of the College this summer. We look forward to continuing the dialogue and building on the positive changes that have taken place that will move us closer toward our goal of a campus that values, affirms, and respects differences.

See you on campus!

Denise Nelson Nash
Vice President/Secretary of the Board of Trustees

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