2013 SAS Elections

Posted: March 4, 2013

Do you have some great ideas for improving student life at Scripps? Want to be involved with the Scripps community? The best way to make a difference is by joining Scripps Associated Students (SAS). Elections are coming up, and we want you to run for SAS!

There are over eighteen different positions to run for:


  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Student Activities Chair (SAC)
  • Co-Treasurers
  • Secretary
  • Diversity and Inclusivity Chair
  • Sustainability Chair
  • Judicial and Academic Review Chair
  • Student Union Chair
  • Clubs and Organizations Chair (CLORGs Chair)


  • Media Relations Chair
  • 5C Events Chair
  • Campus Activities Chair
  • Dorm Activities Chair
  • Faculty-Staff Relations Chair
  • Co-Senior Class Rep
  • Junior Class Rep
  • Sophomore Class Rep
  • Recent Grad Trustee (seniors only)


To learn more about each position, e-mail beheard@scrippscollege.edu or contact the student currently in that role. There will also be an information session in the Student Union at 9:00 pm on Wednesday, March 6.

Running for SAS is easy! First, make a statement of intent. This will be a one-page flyer with your name, photo, e-mail address, position you’re running for, and your statement/platform. These will be posted in the dorms, Student Union, and Seal Court, so be sure to make it eye-catching!

Statements of intent are due on March 24 by 9:00pm as PDFs to beheard@scrippscollege.edu. If you are running for President, Vice-President, or Co-Treasurer, you must contact the students currently in that position before creating your statement of intent; you cannot be abroad and run for these positions.

Next, prepare your speech. Speech night is March 27 at 9:00pm in the Student Union, and all candidates will give a two-minute (or less) speech. If you’re abroad, send a proxy!

We encourage students to get creative with their campaigns, but SAS bylaws do not allow students to spend more than $25 in publicity. However, you can get reimbursed by SAS for up to $15; receipts and reimbursement forms will be due on March 25 by 5:00pm.

Finally, if no position on SAS appeals to you, you can also apply to be a Board of Trustee (BOT) student representative. These students are chosen through an anonymous application process by a student committee. As a BOT student representative, you get to attend BOT meetings throughout the academic year and vote within your committee, and in this way, have a direct impact on the future of the College. Two voting representatives and one alternate are chosen for each BOT committee. Applications, which were recently e-mailed out by Emily Jovais, are due Monday, April 8 to theresea.iker@scrippscollege.edu.

To repeat

  • Wednesday, March 6: Election Information Session (Student Union, 9:00 pm)
  • Sunday, March 25: Statement of Intent due (PDF) to beheard@scrippscollege.edu by 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday, March 27: Speeches in the Student Union, 9:00 pm
  • 9:00 am March 28 – 9:00am March 30: VOTE
  • Monday, April 8: Board of Trustee Representative applications due to theresea.iker@scrippscollege by 9:00pm

For more information on SAS elections, e-mail beheard@scrippscollege.edu or Alexa Kopelman, Election Committee Chair.

Good luck!

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