Support for College Owned Computers

Below is a list of the support policy and trouble shooting procedures for all Scripps-owned computers on campus.

Installed and Supported Software

Your Mac or Windows computer comes with a standard suite of software supported by the College. Called software images, they are updated annually and include current security and operating system patches, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Suite or Courseware used by faculty in teaching.


College-owned computers are imaged at least once a year, especially if the device becomes infected with viruses or malware. Re-imaging the computer returns it to a clean state.

Backing Up Existing Files

If you already have a computer you need to backup all of the files you wish to access before your new computer arrives. If you have a computer on campus connected to the Scripps network you may want to use your home directory (drive Z: for Windows or within the USERS volume under HOME for MAC users) to copy all of your data files from your old computer. All of the backups and transferring of data are the responsibility of the faculty member; if you have specific questions about how to copy your files or run into problems, please contact Information Technology at ext. 73406 or email us at

Storing Data Files on the Network

All data should be stored on the network, preferably to your Z drive or user volume. If you choose to store files on the local hard drive, make sure you keep a current backup saved to the network drive. The Office of Information Technology will not be responsible for any data saved on your local system.

Installing Other Software Applications

Faculty may install other software applications to which they possess a legal license to use on the office computer. The existing policy remains that there will be only minimal support from the IT staff in troubleshooting problems or general use of this software. In order to maximize our ability to provide expert and timely assistance, it is necessary for the College to minimize the number of platforms and software packages supported.

Troubleshooting Problems

Should you have a software or hardware problem with your new computer (Microsoft Word won’t print, PowerPoint doesn’t start, etc.), a staff member may spend up to one hour troubleshooting the problem. After one hour, the staff member will re-image the device; all data and software files will be deleted, and only programs on the standard image will be re-installed. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to request installation of additional programs they have elected to use and restore personal files from a own backup source if they chose to save to the local disk.