Qualtrics: Getting Help, Collaboration & Tutorials

What is Qualtrics? Creating a Survey Activating/Deactivating Surveys Getting Help & Collaboration 


Getting Help and Tutorials

There is a lot to explore in Qualtrics and a good quick-start resource for help can be found at https://www.qualtrics.com/support/survey-platform/getting-started/survey-platform-overview.


Survey Collaboration

One aspect I would like to highlight is survey collaboration. Very similar to our BOX cloud storage service, Qualtrics has the ability to collaborate on projects between users. You are able to add users to a new project by follow these steps; https://www.qualtrics.com/support/survey-platform/my-projects/sharing-a-project.

One thing to note is that in order to add the person you would like to collaborate with, they must first log into Qualtrics at least once before adding them as a collaborator. Also, like BOX, IT has the ability to create department groups on a per-request basis as needed to address particular departmental needs.


Additional Video Training

Additional video training can be found at: https://basecamp.qualtrics.com/series/learn-to-use-qualtrics-research-core

Note: You will be asked to login to this training center, please follow these steps in order to do so;


  1. After clicking on the link above, you will be present with a login. Please click on “Sign in with SSO”




     2. At the next prompt please enter scrippscollege for the “Enter you company’s custom domain” field and click “Continue”




     3. This will redirect you to your normal O365(email) login. Please use your O365(email) credentials to login


    4. Finally, after logging in, you will be prompted to authorize the Qualtrics training center to access your Qualtrics account.

        This is normal behavior, and selecting “Authorize” will grant you access to the Training center



We look forward to the campus taking advantage of this fantastic service and resource.


Scripps Information Technology