Pre-Migration FAQ

Why are we changing from GroupWise?

The Scripps email and calendar system, GroupWise, has served the college’s needs well in many capacities, but it is time to modernize and upgrade.  Over 500 community members provided input and the college has decided to move to Office 365 which is the newest version of Microsoft Office that includes Outlook email.

How do I schedule my update?

Windows users, most have been updated, if we missed you, please schedule an appointment by filling out this form for you and/or your department.

Mac users will fill out this form for your individual appointment.

What do I need to do to prepare?

PC users will need to backup files prior to imaging, full instructions

Mac users will need to simply logoff of their station when we schedule the work.

All users should complete Outlook training in; for more information

What else will be updated on my computer?

A new Windows 7 image will be installed that will include the newest versions of Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer, as well as updated versions of other software such as Adobe Creative Cloud.  Macintosh computers will have the Outlook client installed; no imaging is required at this time.

Will there be any training?

Training starts March 9, 2015, to view training schedule.

When can I test my new email account?

Test accounts will be created for every email account, which will enable you to “play” with the system before it goes live.  Please look for the notice to come out in early March 2015.

What will transfer from GroupWise to Outlook?

All email, contacts, address books, attachments, categories, archives and calendar information will be moved from GroupWise to Office 365.   Rules and Signature information will not migrate so you will need to recreate these in Outlook.

Are there attachment limits in Outlook?

Typically all email programs have attachment limits of 25MB.

How will I access Outlook on my mobile device?

Please visit the site for mobile apps.