NSPO IT Orientation

Welcome to Scripps College

Welcome to the Scripps College IT Orientation page. Follow the steps listed below to connect your devices to the Scripps College Network.

Step 1: Change Network Password

1. To get started, you will need to sign in to a Dell computer in Steele 226 or Steele 229, or in one of the Residential Hall computer labs using your Scripps College Network Account.

  • Your network username and password are located on the bottom half of the Credentials Letter that was emailed to your personal account over the summer. A hard copy of this form was also mailed to each student’s home address.

2. Once you are logged in, press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete buttons to bring up the control window.

3. Select ‘Change a password’ and complete the required steps.

Password Requirements:

  • Password cannot contain any part of the user’s account name
  • Must be 6-10 characters in length
  • Must contain at least one character from three of the following categories:
    • Uppercase characters (A-Z)
    • Lowercase characters (a-z)
    • Numbers (0-9)
    • Non-alphanumeric characters (e.g. !, $, #, %)

Step 2: Connect to Claremont-WPA

Claremont-WPA is the wifi network used a the Claremont Colleges. Connecting to Claremont-WPA will give you access to WiFi at across all of the campuses at the Claremont Colleges.



Connecting to Claremont-WPA macOS



Connecting to Claremont-WPA Windows

Step 3: Check Operating System

Users will need to have the latest update of their operating system installed on their computer. For example, if you have Windows 7, the latest version is Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1).  If you have a Mac running High Sierra, the latest version of this operating system is 10.13.3.

The latest updates to Mac and Windows operating systems are:


  • High Sierra: 10.13.3
  • Sierra: 10.12.6
  • El Capitan: 10.11.5


  • Windows 10: Creators Update (Version 1703)
  • Windows 8.1: KB 2919355 (Name of update in Windows Update)
  • Windows 7: Service Pack 1, (listed as KB976932 in Windows Update)

Step 4: Install Trend Micro

Note: Remove any other virus protection applications BEFORE installing.

**Please note: You will need to log in to your Portal account to retrieve your Trend serial number.**  To obtain your serial number, please click here.

Scripps College recommends that you have and maintain antivirus software while you are enrolled with us. For students who do not already have antivirus software installed on their computers, Scripps provides the antivirus software Trend Micro free of charge. Please follow the video and/or PDF below for directions on how to download and install Trend Micro.



Installing Trend Micro macOS


Trend Micro for macOS 2018



Installing Trend Micro for Windows


Trend Micro 2018 for Windows

Step 5: Install Network Printers

The Scripps network printers can be used while on campus. Please download the installer and follow the instructions to give you access to our LaserJet and color printers.




iPrint Installation for macOS


Download Installer Program

**Note:  For Mac users – If, when installing printers, you receive a message that says “Downloading Packages..”, you will need to install the print drivers and then try the installation again.  You can download the print drivers here



iPrint Installation for Windows


Download Installer Program

Step 6: Install Box Drive

Getting Started with Box@Scripps:

Box@Scripps is our new cloud-based storage and collaboration solution. Box@Scripps enables simple, secure access to your files, allowing collaboration on any device. You will be able to access all of your files on Box@Scripps from the Box Drive application on your computer.

  1. To access you Box@Scripps account, star by logging in to Box@Scripps here using your Scripps network credentials.
  2. Select the option to stay logged in.
  3. Follow [this] guide to download and install Box Drive on your computer
  4. Click [this] link to access Box user training guides.

Step 7: Additional Resources


Lynda.com provides a vast online library of instructional videos covering the latest software, creative, and business skills. Taught by accomplished teachers and recognized industry expersts, lynda.com is a high-quality resource for students, faculty, and staff looking to develop skills in Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, project management, social media, and a wide range of other topics.


  • Accessible to all Scripps faculty, staff, and students.
  • Avalilable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Easy to share. Create playlists, link to Sakai, e-mail, or a website.
  • Available on many smartphone and tablets with free apps for iOS or Andriod


Instructions to connect


Login to lynda.com

Office Suite

The full Office Pro Suite may be installed for free by any member of the Scripps community (Student/Faculty/Staff) on up to five personal devices.

To install the Office Pro Suite, please follow these instructions:

Instructions for Office Suite




Laptop Form

Updated August 2018