Install McAfee security for Mac

Scripps College requires that any computer connected to the Scripps network have up-todate anti-virus software installed and running. Scripps provides McAfee Security anti-virus software free for Scripps students. McAfee Security is a universal binary program for both older PowerPC-based and newer Intel-based Macs.


Install and set up McAfee

From our web page, click on the ‘Universal Installer’ link to download the installer to your computer.

If your browser does not open it automatically, open the downloaded ‘McAfee Security for Mac.dmg’ file then double click on ‘McAfee Security for Mac-Anti-malware-1.1-RTW-1309.mpkg’ to start the installation.


Follow the prompts to proceed through the installation. After clicking the Install button you will be prompted to enter your Mac’s password. Click the Close button when complete.


When done, run updates by clicking on the red ‘M’ shield icon  Mac_InstallMcAfee on the menu bar at the top right of  your screen , click McAfee Security Console,  select Update Now,  click the Start Update button , close when completed.
Click the M shield and select McAfee Security Preferences:

• Under General, click on the lock and enter your Mac password, verify that On-Access scan is ON

• Under Anti-Malware, click on On-Demand Scan. Make sure it’s set to CLEAN “When a virus is found” and DELETE “If clean fails”; use these same settings for On-Access Scan

Click the lock to prevent further changes when done, close window.

NOTE: McAfee Security provides its best protection when the On-access Scan feature is on, but it may make some older Macs slow. If you find your computer seems slow after installing McAfee Security, you can go back into McAfee Security Preferences, click the lock to make changes, and change the On-access Scan button to OFF.

Scan your computer
If you feel your computer may have been compromised by a virus or spam:

1. Open the McAfee Security Console, click Scan Now

2. Under ‘What to Scan’ select the Macintosh HD, Click the Start Scan button

3. Close when done scanning


Scripps Information Technology ~ June 2015